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Our experts advise on lovely romantic touches for your big day.

Love is in the air

Q. We got engaged on Valentine's Day and, as a result, I really want our wedding to look as romantic as possible. What do you suggest?

A. Blessing Enakimino says: What a wonderful idea, and it's definitely the season of romance. On arrival, why not have a champagne fountain beside a scented water feature with lots of petals surrounding it? Create a pretty pathway into your main event space with the same petals to really wow your guests and entice them to follow the path and discover more.

In the main space, incorporate candles into your theme. Use these at various heights and lots of different sizes to really set the tone and let everyone know that love is definitely in the air. If your space doesn't allow open flames there are LED options you can buy that look amazing.

Next, why not include other iconic symbols of love such as plenty of flowers, up-lighters so the room has a real atmosphere, or even a string quartet playing your favourite songs in the background. Plus, nothing says romance like a sweet treat, so why not have a chocolate fountain? It's interactive and can be in different flavours or sizes to suit your day. The smell always creates a nostalgic reaction too and might transport you and your guests back to a special date or time.

Capture the moment

Q. I'm so excited to marry the love of my life, and as a result I want our day to reflect our emotions. How can we style our wedding so it looks as romantic as possible?

A. Amy Hatch says: I think you'll need to have some red, as it's Valentine's Day. But avoid being too much of a cliché and make it a very deep hue, mixed with dark pink and lots of greenery. This will keep the look fresh and modern but still very romantic. Use a few roses but go sparingly and add lots of large, billowy blooms.

Try and opt for low lighting and lots of candles. Older venues like grand country houses would work well. Think fireplaces adorned with flowers, candles dotted up the sweeping staircase.

I'd also add a lot of height and texture with the props and décor you're using –think luxurious and dramatic. Brass is a perfect metal to add here and it would work beautifully with the low lighting and the candles.

Finally, you can add some dark wood vintage pieces, like an old bureau for the 'love letters' from the guests and a huge sideboard adorned with cakes and desserts. A 'his & hers' cocktail or drinks cabinet would be a lovely addition.

Overall, be consistent with the colours and styling, apply some of the above, and you could end up with a truly romantic, yet beautiful and original wedding day.

Glow on

Q. I want to look my absolute best for all the photos. How can I get (and maintain) that loved-up bridal glow?

A. Emma Coleman says: Luckily there's lots you can do to really make a difference to your skin. Here are my top tips for achieving a beautifully radiant look:

- Look at trying kale and cabbage as they're in season in February. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins K, A and C, these leafy greens help to strengthen skin tissue and stave off free radicals, which can lead to a dull and tired-looking complexion. Lightly steam rather than boiling these vegetables to maintain their valuable nutritional balance.

- Avoid skin imbalances with a detoxifying honey and turmeric mask – perfect for dry, sensitive and congested skins. Pop a teaspoon each of ground turmeric and honey into a bowl and mix well. Hold a warm cloth over your cleansed face for at least 30 seconds to open the pores, then apply the mask over your face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Press firmly into place with your fingertips, leave for up to 20 minutes, then splash with cool water to remove the mask. Repeat three times weekly to deep cleanse pores, soothe redness and soften dry skin.

- Rose essential oil is known for its heart-opening properties. Burn in aromatherapy diffusers around the house and apply to your pulse points before a date – you'll leave the most heavenly scent in your wake. Inner-Soul's Supreme Comfort Day Cream is scented with Rose de Mai, Rosewood and Rose Absolute oils – guaranteed to get you in the mood for love.

Capture the moment

Q. How can we make those all-important photos look as loved-up as possible? What are your top tips?

A. Louisa Dettmer says: The most romantic shots your photographer will capture are the candid ones of your natural interactions together throughout the day.

So choose a photographer that you're comfortable with and one that you can relax around to have both the time and space to share those moments together. A beautiful location can provide that perfect backdrop to a romantic shot of you both wandering in the grounds, but to capture the intimate moments caught when you're chatting and laughing together naturally just needs a photographer with an eagle eye. For those kind of romantic shots, location is not important – capturing the moment is.

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