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Less is more

Less is more

Q. Pinterest has given us a whole heap of styling ideas, how can we enlist the help of a professional to help us pull it off, and what do we need to consider?

A. Laurie Edwards says: One of the most important considerations when planning your wedding overall is how much your wish list is going to cost, and your venue styling is no different. We recommend that you book in an initial consultation with your chosen stylist as soon as you've booked your venue and have a good idea of the direction you want your wedding's look to take.

It's a good idea to work with a stylist who really knows your venue so that they have a sound knowledge of what does and doesn't work in that specific space. Asking for the venue's recommended supplier list or researching prospective stylists online are good starting points.

Remember, styling is all about enhancing and working with your venue. It's not always about cramming in as many features and products as you can. A simple chair dressing, a change of tablecloth or napkin, the addition of a charger or twinkly backdrop may be all your venue needs. It's an old cliché, but so true – less is definitely more.

With thanks

With thanks

Q. I have five bridesmaids and want to thank them all for helping with our big day. However, I don't have a huge budget, what can you suggest?

A. Denise & Emlyn says: It's lovely that you want to show your appreciation and you don't have to spend a fortune with gifts starting from as little as £7. For younger bridesmaids we recommend a Fairtrade bridesmaid fairy. These are handmade so that each is a oneof- a-kind gift and helps to support communities in need. Another option is a personalised teddy bear.

For your adult bride squad we suggest a personalised piece of jewellery, such as necklace or a bracelet, which they can wear on your special day. Another option is a personalised glass that you could pair with a bottle of wine.

Raise a toast

Raise a toast

Q. I'm keen to make a speech at our wedding breakfast, but I'm no public speaker! What can you advise?

A. Hannah O'Donnell says: There are two key questions to ask yourself when you're performing a speech of any kind. The first is: who do I know in the audience? These are the people who are going to want your speech to go well for you. Look them in the eyes as you're talking and speak to them directly. You'll find it's less daunting than talking to a room full of strangers.

The second question is: what do you want to say? I don't mean the specific story you want to tell or which poem you're reading, but if you could boil your speech down into one sentence, what would it be? For example, the best man's speech is about embarrassing one half of the couple while praising the other. A father's speech involves thanking the guests and bestowing some wisdom. When writing yours, consider the one message you want to share and work from there. This will help you to keep it succinct and allow your personality to shine through.

Showstopping shots

Showstopping shots

Q. How can we get couples shots with an added wow-factor?

A. Carla Guest says: I'm all about that wedding-day connection, which is where the real wow factor lies. I have some prompts for my brides and grooms when we go off together to capture their portraits – some cheesy, random or funny things I say to help them relax and forget I'm there. I like to remind them that they've just got married, encouraging them to share how they felt in that moment of seeing each other for the first time.

If I see a creative opportunity on the day, I always tell my couples about it and ask them if they mind giving it a go. Usually, it's a huge “yes” as it means they get to hang out with each other and have some alone time while we capture some epic shots.

The ring's the thing

The ring's the thing

Q. I'm looking for a wedding ring to complement my emerald cut solitaire engagement ring. What can you suggest?

A. Ben Wells says: ❤ Shape - This really depends on how the diamond is mounted onto the band. If it's on top, there should be space for a wedding band to fit perfectly. However, if the mount doesn't allow for a ring to sit in line with the band, we'd recommend one that's shaped to fit. We offer a made-to-fit service, where we take a mould to ensure one sits perfectly against the other.

❤ Width - Whether the band is shaped or standard, the general rule of thumb is that both should have the same width to create balance.

❤ Precious metal - I recommend selecting the same metal for both rings. Not only will this achieve a well-coordinated aesthetic, but both will also have the same durability as different metals wear at different rates.

❤ Diamond or plain - This really comes down to preference. Some choose plain so as not to detract attention from the engagement ring, and to complement their husband's wedding band. Sometimes though a diamond band can enhance the engagement ring making a real statement.