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Q. How can we style our marquee so our guests can make a grand entrance?

A. Poppy Greenhalgh says: If you're looking for something spectacular with major wow factor, organic balloons are most definitely ontrend. Not to be overlooked, balloons make great event décor, especially for a grand entrance or sweet table they've come so far in recent years, as have the decorators. Previously, Australia and the U.S. have set the standard, but now UK balloonists are blazing their own trail.

Your chosen supplier will work closely with you to create your bespoke palette, whether it's a garland, ceiling suspension or balloon wall. Custom colours can be created especially for your design, and balloons mixed with flowers or even foliage look stunning. Mix with chromes and giant balloons to really bring your entrance alive.

The other great thing about organic balloons is that they're a brilliant environmentally friendly option. Latex balloons are 100 per cent biodegradable, taking the same time as an oak leaf to break down.

Poppy Greenhalgh

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