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Boho babe

Boho babe

Q. I'm really keen for my dress to reflect my personality and our day's relaxed vibe. What can you suggest?

A. Zoe Dowle says: It sounds like you'll want your shopping experience to be as relaxed as the atmosphere of your big day, so my top tip to begin with is to do some research into which boutiques stock your style of dress, make appointments with two or three and take just a couple of guests with you. There seems to be a trend toward brides bringing large groups of friends and family with them to try on dresses, which can be unproductive, overwhelming and best avoided.

When you arrive for your bridal boutique appointment the consultant will start by asking you some questions about your big day. For example, based on what you've told me already I'd be keen to know what sort of venue you've booked and how you'll be styling it. I should imagine your vision features a boho vibe complete with firepits, hay bales and fairylights. In which case, you're sure to want to move freely on the day, without being restricted by an overwhelming dress. So, I'd be inviting you to join me in looking through my collection of stylish, relaxed, fashion-forward dresses. Something like this refreshing gown, Cosette by Watters would be absolutely ideal for you.

Zoe Dowle, Brides by Zoe

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