Your Kent Wedding - Page number 108 - May/Jun 2021 (Issue 96)

Q&A Beauty Look and feel your big-day best with advice from our beauty professionals ALL ABOUT THE BASE I’ve been through endless foundations. How can I pick the right one for me, once and for all? Elizabeth says: What a question! Indeed, foundations are an absolute minefield. Choosing the right one for you can be a frustrating and confusing process that’s costly if you get it wrong. To find the one for you, you’ll need to consider both your skin and the desired result. Check out my five-point guide… Skin type – normal, dry, oily or combination. Skin tone – fair, light, medium or deep. Skin undertone – cool (pink, red or bluish undertones and you burn easily in the sun), warm (golden, olive or yellow undertones and you tan easily), or neutral (both blue/purple and blue/green veins and you tan lightly). Foundation coverage – lightweight, medium, or full Foundation finish – matte (powdery and best for oily skin), satin (between matte and dewy, best for combination skin), or luminous (dewy and best for dry or mature skin). When you know where you stand with these five pointers, you’ll be able to approach the make-up counter with confidence. Always aim to match a potential shade to your jawline, not the back of your hand. Take a small mirror with you and look at the swatch in natural daylight as well as under the shop lighting. If the colour stands out on your skin, it’s the wrong shade – it’ll be invisible if matched perfectly. You may even want to consider investing in a summer shade and a winter one, you can even mix them together to get the correct tone for the season. Finally, for the best finish, always choose a moisturiser or primer that suits your skin type. Psst… Check out Elizabeth’s foundation recommendations at EMBRACE THOSE CURLS My hair is curly and rather unruly. How can I ensure it’s looking it’s best for W-day and what bridal style should I choose? Angela says: Curls are effortlessly romantic offering a relaxed glamorous look. Finding the right haircare routine and products will be your key to success. Humidity is often a bride’s number one concern and if hair is already dry or damaged, when you step outside in these conditions, it will absorb that moisture leaving it fluffy or frizzy. The process of taming it starts in the shower. It’s vital to pick products that will gently cleanse and moisturise the hair, using a sulphate-free shampoo will do just that, and never skip that crucial conditioning step. Also, be mindful of the water temperature as washing your hair in very hot water can also make it dry. Once out of the shower, avoid rubbing your hair with a towel as this can damage it, leading to frizz, so gently pat using a soft cotton t-shirt instead. Then, to detangle start from the ends moving up to the mid lengths then upwards to the roots. When the hair is wet it’s also more fragile, so try a detangling brush or comb. There’s plenty of curly wedding hair inspiration out there, so don’t be afraid. Soft curls gathered low and central is a trendy way to wear naturally curly hair up, or if you’d prefer to wear your hair free flowing consider pinning just one side back. Whatever look you opt for, it’s vital to finish it with a product that’ll seal the hair. Hair spray or anti- humidity sprays are always popular choices. A combination of investing in the right products, caring for your curls and guarding against humidity should bag you that perfect curly bridal look. CONTACT OUR EXPERTS Elizabeth Joseph-Love Makeup Artist, | Angela Williams, RKW Hair, 108