Your Kent Wedding - Page number 63 - May/Jun 2021 (Issue 96)

T he wedding cake has always been a much-loved tradition, whether served as a dessert or as a take-home treat for your guests. Not only does it offer a delicious delight it also serves as a showstopping centrepiece to your reception space, which nowadays is nothing short of a work of art. We chatted to some of the county’s wedding cake makers and asked whatever could be next in the wonderful world of big-day bakes. READY, STEADY, We talk big-day cake trends with the professionals BLESSING ENAKIMIO, BLÉ COUTURE CAKES Based in Ashford, Blessing specialises in creating an edible experience with every cake. It all began with a princess cake she made for her daughter years ago. She felt restricted by recipes in her ancient cake book and set out to explore new tastes and ideas. It wasn’t long before she’d turned her passion into a home- based registered cake business. Flavours range from the traditional to the brave with fillings to complement each bake, plus a little bit of something extra…love! TREND PREDICTIONS Blessing says: “I think the over-riding trend will be edgy and four-dimensional – cakes that appeal to more than the sense of sight and taste. Big cakes in 2021 will transcend the norm as couples are getting bolder with their choices. For more luxurious weddings the chandelier cake will feature as the grand edible centrepiece. Ruffles, rustic, metallic touches, geode, sharp edges, and hollow will still be in play, but I predict staged cakes will trump them all.“ BLESSING’S TOP TIP “Remember to include the actual eating of the cake on your wedding agenda. As you stage your cutting ceremony, do the same for the eating! Add your cake to the menu, either as a dessert or serve it with tea and coffee at a set time. That way it’s not overlooked.” bake www.jam www.jam CAKES 63