Your Kent Wedding - Page number 83 - May/Jun 2021 (Issue 96)

JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES 83 WE CAN’T DECIDE BETWEEN A TRADITIONAL BAND OR SOMETHING MORE MODERN. WHAT WOULD YOU SUGGEST? Natalie says, “There’s a real interest in personalised wedding rings and gents are being more expressive with textures influenced by nature and feature patterns. Ladies tend to favour diamond-set rings with a characterful twist such as an arch or pinch to the band.” Natalie Towell of Navette Jewellery in Ashford ( ) sa ys, “Metal tones are a personal preference, but with the vintage look still going strong, rose gold is a popular choice. Combining a modern design with soft gold tones creates that gorgeous blend of old and new.” WEDDING RING Q&A WHAT METAL SHOULD MY WEDDING RING BE? Olivia Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald Jewellers in Canterbury ( ) sa ys, “Don’t be afraid to mix up the colours. Make a feature of the contrast between yellow and white gold. If you want your partner’s ring to match your own but they’re not so keen, consider a ring made from half and half. It will complement your wedding band while maintaining its own character.” Olivia says, “When we think of wedding rings we quite often imagine our parents’ traditional polished bands, but there are options that defy convention. Look for something with a matte finish or ask your jeweller to engrave something special on the inside like your partner’s fingerprint or even their heartbeat. What’s more, if you’d like diamonds, but can’t afford them right now, start with one or two and add more at a later date, perhaps one with each wedding anniversary.” www.fitzg www.nave www.nav www.fitzg WE’VE HAD A QUICK LOOK AT SOME RINGS, BUT HAVEN’T SEEN ANY WE LIKE. WHAT ARE OUR OPTIONS? Olivia says, “Your wedding rings are something you’ll have for the rest of your lives, so make sure you choose something you really love. Buying from a jeweller like ours means your wedding ring is handmade exactly to your specifications. So, if you have an engagement ring that needs something shaped to fit next to it, you can have it made bespoke. It might sound expensive, but it’s really not and you won’t regret it.” www.fitzg www.nav