Your Kent Wedding - Page number 89 - May/Jun 2021 (Issue 96)

Stellar wedmin advice from those in the know HOT TOPIC STYLE AND PERSONALITY How do we go about finding a photographer that’s the right fit for our style and personalities? I’ve always thought it must be such a difficult decision for couples to choose their photographer for one of the most important days of their lives. But, in a nutshell what you need to concentrate on is style and personality when selecting the right person for the job. Simply ask yourselves the following questions: ❤ What style do I really like? Candid, natural, fine art… ❤ Do I want my day to be organised photographically so I get the shots I really want? ❤ Do I want a fun, sociable photographer or someone who will just blend into the background ❤ Will they fit in with my friends and family? ❤ What kind of photography package do I want? There should be a pre-wedding meeting with your photographer as they’ll need to know the finer details of the day and listen to your ideas and direction so that you can enjoy the perfect day you’ve planned. You’ll want to make sure your photographer is organised and, above all, experienced so that you get the group shots you’re looking for along with lovely posed couple imagery – stunning photographs that capture the real emotion of the day. So, I can’t deny that there are lots of things to think about before you make your final decision, but it really will be worth the time and effort when you’re presented with the most beautiful images of your wedding day. David King | David King Photographer COMING UP ROSES I had my heart set on having peonies in my bouquet, but at the time we’re getting married they won’t be in season. What can you suggest as alternatives that will have a similar look and impact? As soon as peonies go out of season the input of beautiful garden roses is absolutely perfect. There are so many different varieties and the wonderful Alexandra Farms offers a wide selection of colour palettes and shapes, with many of the roses beautifully scented too. In fact, there’s such a wide range that roses can be used according to any season. Quite a few varieties do have a similar look to peonies and they last for a long time since they arrive in a tight bud before opening fully to show you how gorgeous they are just in time for your big day with glorious layers of colours, textures and scents unlike any other. Also boasting a similar cup shape to peonies, along with an irresistible fragrance, they make a showstopping focal point in your bouquet. With ample charm, these roses can also transform a space and create the most enchanting ambience, weaving their magic throughout your special day. Michele Wraight | Flowerart | www.dav EXPERT ADVICE 89