Fairytale in Kent

Amrit and Luke enjoyed a dream big day at Chilston Park hotel.

Amrit and Luke met through work when she came to deliver a training course on one of his sites. Luke was said to be struck by her beauty and the passion she displayed in coaching a tough crowd. The pair chatted over the lunch break and Luke knew he'd regret not spending more time with her, so he asked her out for a drink. Thanks to their undeniable chemistry, Armit even forgave him for forgetting his wallet on their first date!

Three years later Luke asked her to marry him at home on the evening of 5th August, 2016. “I cooked her favourite meal, filled the room with roses, put on my best suit and surprised her by getting down on one knee after she got in from a hard day's work,” reveals Luke. “I also made sure I chose a ring she couldn't say no to!”

Here, Amrit reveals all the details of their dream day…

Fairytale in Kent: Image 1
We viewed several venues but as soon as we saw Chilston we fell in love. The hotel and its grounds are beautiful and the different function rooms allowed us to move around as the day progressed.


Fairytale in Kent: Image 2aWe were able to use the venue exclusively with our loved ones for the day right through to the following morning which made it even more special.

Fairytale in Kent: Image 2 I wanted to tie my Punjabi heritage together with a more traditional English wedding. So I had an English ceremony and an Indian reception and party.


Fairytale in Kent: Image 3
We chose my evening Indian Langha dress fairly early on. It was navy with exquisite gold detailing, which helped guide the palette for the rest of the wedding.


Fairytale in Kent: Image 4aThe first thing I chose was my dusky pink Louboutins. Everyone has their own priorities!

Fairytale in Kent: Image 4 We met Serena from Cobi and Coco and designed the cake with our navy and gold colour scheme in mind. She picked up on the detailing of the dress with a stunning hand-made mould.


Fairytale in Kent: Image 5
We had tall, floral ivory centrepieces so our guests could see each other at dinner, but the design was also beautifully impactful.


Fairytale in Kent: Image 6aWe reflected the navy and gold in the table plan and place names.

Fairytale in Kent: Image 6 We had dusky pink roses on the end of the aisle to tie the colour scheme together.


Fairytale in Kent: Image 7
For the ceremony room we went with an ivory runner, a simple navy ribbon on each chair with a dusky pink rose on each aisle seat.


Fairytale in Kent: Image 8aLuke stood out from the other boys in his blue suit, while they wore either navy or grey.

Fairytale in Kent: Image 8 I had a mermaid-style white dress with veil. I chose this as it was so flattering and made me feel very comfortable.


Fairytale in Kent: Image 9
The girls wore sleeveless full-length navy dresses with beaded detail across the chest and shoulders. This took some serious consideration and the decision actually took longer than me picking my two wedding dresses.


Fairytale in Kent: Image 10
The little ones looked particulalrly cute.


Fairytale in Kent: Image 11
The day felt perfect. We floated through on a cloud and I've never felt happier. It was amazing to have shared this feeling with all our beloved friends and family.


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