A romantic tale

Natasha and David enjoyed a classic romance and even ended up tying the knot in the venue where they enjoyed their first weekend away.

You never know when or where you're going to meet the love of your life and for Natasha, it turned out her future husband had been there all along. The pair met through mutual friends and despite hitting it off right away, they remained pals before they started happily dating.

Fast-forward another three years and the lovebirds decided to take their relationship to the next stage when David proposed.

“He'd spoken about getting married for a while but I can be funny about jewellery so he was unsure what to get me,” remembers Natasha. “I'm also not keen on public displays of affection, which made it difficult to surprise me.”

However, one night the pair were winding down on the sofa and watching the TV show Two Pints of Larger and a Packet of Crisps. In this particular episode two of the characters got engaged. The couple then started talking about their future plans and David asked her to be his wife! As it turns out he'd been trying to find a way to ask for a while but never found the right moment – the very next day they went out together and chose a ring.

Here, Natasha tells us details of their dream day…

A romantic tale: Image 1
The venue held very special memories for us, as it's where we spent our first weekend away. We couldn't have got married anywhere else.


A romantic tale: Image 2The traditional good luck horseshoe made an appearance.

A romantic tale: Image 2b My younger sister designed our beautiful table plan as a surprise.


A romantic tale: Image 3
We chose to have beautiful blossom trees with LED candles as our centrepieces.


A romantic tale: Image 4A lovely lady called Emma Keen designed our flowers. She talked me through every stage so I got exactly what I wanted.

A romantic tale: Image 4b The cake was very beautiful and simple with a classic silhouette theme.


A romantic tale: Image 5
We had big 'Love' Letters at our reception that looked great in photos.


A romantic tale: Image 6ended up having two dresses for our wedding! This one here is the one I wore during the day.

A romantic tale: Image 6b We had a sweet cart for the children that went down a treat!


A romantic tale: Image 7
David chose all the clothes for the guys. He wanted to add little accents so he and our two boys stood out.


A romantic tale: Image 8My evening dress was much lighter to facilitate for lots of dancing!

A romantic tale: Image 8b We entertained our guests with a DJ, photo booth and garden games that I purchased from eBay.


A romantic tale: Image 9
It was difficult to find a dress that all my bridesmaids liked, but we got there in the end and everyone loved the final selection and their shoes.


A romantic tale: Image 10
I remember feeling very nervous and excited on the big day. Neither of us like to be the centre of attention and it was quite hard during our ceremony; but we really enjoyed ourselves and felt so relaxed.


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