95 Sandgate High Street, Sandgate, Kent CT20 3BY

Telephone: 01303 255678 or 07904 698960

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Alterations / Redesigns / Bespoke Creation

Whether you are looking for simple alterations or a full blow bespoke creation we can help. We are recognised as one of Kent’s premier alterations businesses within the wedding industry and always look to exceed the customers expectations. All alterations, bespoke creations and re-designs are carried out in house by our hugely experienced team and go through our “three stage process”. Stage one is preparation, two is alteration and the third is quality checking. Each process is carried out by a different member of staff to ensure that any issues are identified immediately and lets face it, 6 eyes are better than two!

Wedding Attendant / Dressing Service

Unlike many wedding shops and other “dressers”, we are unique in that we offer a dressing service carried out by a fully trained seamstress in case there should be any last minute disasters. In the past we have had to sew Bridesmaids into their dresses as a zip has gone, repaired a torn hem in a wedding dress that happened as the bride stepped into her wedding car and we’ve even bumped started a VW Camper van that wouldn’t start!

Here’s how it works;

We arrive around an hour before you are due to get married to dress you and anyone else in the party. We are then happy to follow you to your venue to ensure that before you walk into your ceremony you look your absolute stunning self – why take the risk of being dressed by anyone else.


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