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Top 5 Tips to Celebrate Your ‘Would Have Been’ Wedding Day

Top 5 Tips to Celebrate Your ‘Would Have Been’ Wedding Day: Image 1 Hannah Rose, wedding and event planner of Complete Rose Events has some much-needed positive advice for couples still wanting to knowledge their would-be wedding day, and here at County Wedding Magazine and Events HQ we love the ideas!

With Covid-19 affecting so many of your Wedding days, we wanted to bring some positivity to you to say that your 'would have been wedding day' doesn't need to be a sad day! We have 5 top ideas for you about how you can still celebrate – yes that's right, you should still be making the most of this amazing day together! We all need more reasons right now to enjoy ourselves, and if we can't celebrate love, then why celebrate anything else?!

There are stories flooding social media and the press at the moment of couples who are holding an at home wedding; you don't need to be extravagant if you don't want to, even if it just the two of you spending time together and celebrating your love for each other. You could even have this date as an extra anniversary – why not hey!

We don't want you to be sitting at home thinking 'I would have been putting my dress on now', 'I would have been walking down the aisle now', 'we would have been officially married now' so take our advice and make it a day to remember!

Top 5 Tips to Celebrate Your ‘Would Have Been’ Wedding Day: Image 2

1. Still go ahead with your day!
As mentioned above, people are still having an at home wedding! This won't be a legal ceremony, but you can still hire a celebrant who will work with you and perform your ceremony via video calling with all of your friends and family present, or you can say your original vows to each other – have a legal ceremony once lockdown is over! Finish up with your favourite cocktails and your own version of your Wedding breakfast, then dance the night away!

Top 5 Tips to Celebrate Your ‘Would Have Been’ Wedding Day: Image 2

2. Enjoy your memories together!
Dig out all of your photos and videos of memories you have shared together, whether it be holidays, day trips or family events – how often do we take these photos and record these videos and never look at them again?! Set up your own photo show by linking your phone or icloud to your TV or laptop, grab the popcorn and a glass of something cold, and have a look back through all of your memories together! Cheers!

Top 5 Tips to Celebrate Your ‘Would Have Been’ Wedding Day: Image 3

3. Chefs for the day!
Cook your partners favourite dinner for them, you could even make food related to the place you got engaged in. ie. Engaged in America...American food! Engaged in Paris...French food! You get the idea...or you could make dinner together and compete against one another for the one with the best culinary skills!

Top 5 Tips to Celebrate Your ‘Would Have Been’ Wedding Day: Image 3

4. Do something different for the day
We can now take a trip together in your households to the park or an open public space, make the most of this time, have a picnic together, recreate your own 'pub lunch' in the park, or even do an activity you have never done before such as hiring a boat or a kayak for the day! You are also allowed to drive an unlimited distance, take advantage and go explore a new area! Give something like couple's yoga a try – there are plenty of videos available on Youtube and you may even find a new party trick for the wedding!

Top 5 Tips to Celebrate Your ‘Would Have Been’ Wedding Day: Image 4 5. Recreate your first date
Can you remember what you ate on your first date? What you wore? What restaurant you went to? What you drank? What music you listened to? Maybe you had a day trip out together for a walk and a coffee. What did you speak about? What funny or embarrassing things happened? Recreate your first memories together in the comfort of your home! It's great to remember all of these moments together, and once you start thinking about them, you'll keep remembering even more smaller details.

Around the stresses of postponing your wedding, make sure that this day in particular is different from your other lockdown days, whatever you decide to do. We are also here to help and are offering complimentary 1-1 sessions via video calling to give advice on postponing your day or to help with any planning, you can book directly on our website: www.completeroseevents.co.uk/book-online

You can also find more advice, tips and ideas on our blog: www.completeroseevents.co.uk/blog

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