Government announcement means we're still waiting for weddings...

After yet another 'pause' on our wedding industry, we now have to wait until the 15th August to hear about whether wedding receptions will get the go ahead again. However, this hasn't diminished our love of all-things wedding here at County Wedding Magazines HQ! Read on to find out from the team what they have missed about weddings this year...

Government announcement means we're still waiting for weddings...: Image 2 Melissa Barker
Editor of Your South Wales Wedding, Your North West Wedding, Your Surrey Wedding and Your West Midlands Wedding

"There's nothing quite like getting all dressed up and seeing two of your nearest and dearest declare their love for one another. I find weddings incredibly romantic and have always enjoyed the ceremony the most. Whether it be a traditional wedding service or a celebrant-led wedding blessing, it's lovely to watch and I always look forward to seeing the bride make her entrance and her partner's reaction. 
   "Food is also a big favourite of mine, especially cake! I've been to quite a few weddings where the couple have opted for food trucks or a barbecue and, as a picky eater, I love being able to choose what I eat and have the option of seconds!
   "Over the years, I've been to weddings with DJs, bands, magicians, photo booths but I have to say my favourite entertainment was an adult-sized bouncy castle. Everyone had a great time and got involved particularly after a few drinks, and it's something that I've always remembered about my friend's special day.
   "I can't wait for things to get back to normal and we can all celebrate together once again."

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Government announcement means we're still waiting for weddings...: Image 3 Hannah Faulder
(or Gildart, if you know me outside of work. I never did get around to officially changing my name after getting married nearly four years ago!)
Editor of An Essex WeddingYour Bristol & Somerset Wedding, Your Yorkshire Wedding and Your London Wedding

"Two of my friends' weddings have been postponed this year amid the pandemic, which I know has been a real wrench for them. While their big day may be postponed for now, their love isn't cancelled, and it will be all the more joyous when we can all be together and celebrate in style. The smiles will be bigger, the hugs will be tighter and the vows will be even more meaningful. 
   "One of mine and my husband's favourite moments from our wedding four years ago was just after our first dance, when all of our nearest and dearest poured on to the dancefloor and sang Happy Together at the top of their voices, arms waving, smiles beaming. It was a magical moment that brought us all together.
   "When we finally do get back to full-size weddings, I will have to be dragged kicking and screaming from the dancefloor at the end of the night! 
   "Having said this, I'm excited at the idea of getting back to basics and working within the restrictions. Smaller groups of close friends and family will mean more intimate celebrations, with a focus on the couple, their love and the personal experience of those who can be with them."

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Government announcement means we're still waiting for weddings...: Image 4 Sarah Reeve
Editor of Your Hampshire & Dorset Wedding and Your East Anglian Wedding

"What do I love about weddings? That's easy, almost everything apart from always blubbing when it comes to the 'I dos'. I can't remember a ceremony that hasn't reduced me to tears at some point, even on occasions when I've not even known the couple that well. It's hard to look elegant sniffling into a hankie and it plays havoc with your make-up! Goodness knows what kind of mess I'm going to be if any of my three daughters ever decides to tie the knot!
   "The only other thing I dread is being asked to do a reading, not usually one to be lost for words, put me behind a lectern or hand me a mike and even with a glass or two of fizz beforehand, the emotions always get the better of me! I know it's an honour to be asked, but it's no from me I'm afraid!
  "That said, where do we start when it comes to all the good stuff - the shopping, the get togethers with your best girls and boys (thinly disguised as vital planning meetings), colour swatches, fabrics, flowers, fizz, gorgeous gowns, more fizz, pampering, hair and beauty make-overs, not forgetting cake, of course, and that's before we even get to the big day itself.
   "Meeting up with family and friends, the babies and little ones, uncles and aunties, mums, dads and grandparents - all generations brought together in the time-honoured celebration of love... stop me now; I'm welling up already!"

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Government announcement means we're still waiting for weddings...: Image 5 Claire Ridley
Editor of Your Devon & Cornwall WeddingYour Glos & Wilts Wedding, Your Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wedding and CWM Fashion editor

"Not having attended any weddings this year means that I haven't had the chance to dress up which is something I love to do! I usually set aside some 'me' time to pamper and get ready, styling my hair and applying full make-up before putting on my glad rags and heels. This feels even better if it's a new outfit or pair of shoes (my guilty pleasure) that I haven't yet worn.
   "I also miss turning a wedding invitation into a mini-break by booking a hotel and escaping life's chores and routine for a couple of days. Of course, it's not all about me! I love watching close friends and family members getting married, seeing the look of love on their faces as they exchange their vows, knowing that in this crazy world, they have found the special person that they want to spend the rest of their lives with.
   "I like to spoil them, obviously choosing something from the list that they have requested, but also shopping for a few personal gifts that I know will surprise them. Even spending time wrapping these and sourcing a lovely card gives me pleasure, knowing they will appreciate every effort I have gone to when they unwrap them, often long after their guests have gone home.
   "There's nothing better than a bit of banter with your friends after a few drinks and the funny dance moves that inevitably get pulled on the dancefloor. If everyone is staying in the same venue afterwards then breakfast the following morning is always a great way of recalling the amusing stories from the night before.
   "Finally, I love taking photographs and one of the best things about a wedding is the set of memories that you take away with you. It's a great feeling to go through the pictures the following day, uploading some to social media and selecting some to print off (yes, I still do that, my flat is full of framed photos and albums that help me to remember the special occasions for years to come.)"

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Government announcement means we're still waiting for weddings...: Image 6 Kelly Andrews
Editor of Your Kent Wedding, Your Sussex Wedding, Your Cheshire & Merseyside Wedding and CWM Beauty editor

"It's been some time since I've been to a 'live' wedding – compared to the 'paper' ones I love to write about - all my friends having married themselves off some years ago. So, I've been hankering after an invite for a while, or better still, a proposal, but that's another story!
   "My favourite wedding-day moment is that sense of anticipation when you're waiting for the bride to appear and begin her procession down the aisle. I always get butterflies in my tummy and a tear in my eye the moment she appears.
   "Now, to quote a favourite film of mine, Ever After, "I'm only here for the food!" That's not quite true I do, of course, attend to share in the happiness of my dear friends... but good food does help! From canapés to wedding breakfast and the evening buffet, it's all a highlight of the day for me. My County Wedding Magazine titles have some wonderful innovative caterers and with their mouthwatering menus, you'd struggle to eat better at a top restaurant.
   "I must admit, I'm yet to encounter a set of speeches I haven't enjoyed. Maybe it's because I'm the nosey type and like to hear how the couple met, what they were like growing up, and so on. But, I also love the emotion that pours out of the usually reserved people, who wouldn't normally say "boo" to a goose, but are now making a declaration of undying love in front of a room full of people. It's just magical!"

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Government announcement means we're still waiting for weddings...: Image 7 Olivia Gibson
Editor of Your East Midlands Wedding, Your Herts & Beds Wedding and Your North East Wedding

"From getting dressed up to celebrating the new chapter in a couple's relationship, tasting the delicious cake and dancing the night away – who doesn't love a good wedding?
   "When it comes to the big day, one of my favourite moments is seeing the bride walk down the aisle with a look of love and excitement as she's about to marry the one. You can finally see the all-important dress and how beautiful she looks while radiating confidence and poise. At the other end, you can see the groom beaming with happiness and endearment. 
   "Another great factor is seeing loved ones who you don't get to see very often. The whole family together having fun with laughter and happiness all around – there really isn't a better atmosphere than on a wedding day and I can't wait for them to go ahead again and hope to get an invite to one in the post very soon!"

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Government announcement means we're still waiting for weddings...: Image 8 Credit: Jess SoperDanielle Harvey
Managing editor

"I've been thinking about weddings a lot recently, not just waiting to hear what the latest Government announcements means for our wedding industry, but what weddings truly represent.
   "Reflecting back on my own, nearly three years ago now, I realised that we only had 30 people there during the day anyway, so if we were to hold our wedding now under the new Government guidelines a majority of the day would remain unchanged.
   "We had the venue, the cake, the caterer, obviously the white dress and the flowers, the favours and the transport. We chose a sit-down meal and evening buffet, we hired a jukebox and had a photo booth area and wedding night accommodation for all the guests, had a gift list and a UK honeymoon; it really had everything you could want and need at a wedding with just us and 28 loved ones.
   "For the short-term, are the new guidelines all that bad if they finally decide that receptions of 30 can happen next week? Perhaps, a few work colleagues can't attend the evening do, or you can't invite all the partners of your friendship group, it doesn't mean the day is incomplete and you can get creative with arranging a get together at a later date – it's also something to look forward to post-vows and how to avoid the post-wedding-blues!"

Contact Danielle: 01376 535 611 |

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