Wedding receptions are back - latest Government guidelines

Wedding receptions are back - latest Government guidelines: Image 1 The news today is wedding music to our ears! The latest Government guidelines has stated that restrictions are being eased from Saturday 15th August and that wedding receptions in the form of a sit-down meal in a COVID-secure location for up to 30 guests will now be permitted.
   Here at County Wedding Magazines and Events HQ we're excited for what this means for our readers who have had to cancel or postpone their weddings. Intimate wedding have actually been an increasing trend for a few years now and you will still have all the joys of wedding planning: finding a dream venue, wedding cake and menu tastings, choosing themes and colour schemes, searching for a photographer and a florist the list goes on! Here's all you need to know...

Social distancing

  • During all activities linked to the reception or celebration, all parties, especially people from separate households/bubbles, should adhere to social distancing guidelines; 2 metres or 1 metre with risk mitigation (where 2 metres is not viable). Venues and guest numbers should be chosen to ensure 2 metre spacing is possible for the main sections of the celebrations.

Wedding receptions are back - latest Government guidelines: Image 2

  • Wherever possible attendees should remain seated to support social distancing safety measures.
  • Attendees and staff are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering where social distancing may be difficult.
  • Attendees, including children, should frequently throughout the day wash their hands.
  • Venue managers should record the names and contact details of all persons visiting the venues and keep a written record for at least 21 days to support NHS Test and Trace.
Serving and consuming food and drink
  • Wherever possible staff should serve all food and drinks to minimise customer self-service, and attendees should remain seated.
  • Seating arrangements should follow social distancing guidance, meaning that at most two households (including any support bubbles) are seated together and social distancing is maintained between these groups. Outdoor tables are also preferable.

Wedding receptions are back - latest Government guidelines: Image 3 Entertainment

  • Dancing should not be permitted due to the increased risk of transmission and dancefloors may be repurposed for additional customer seating or other relevant purposes, ensuring this is in line with the social distancing guidelines.
  • Venues intending to incorporate any live music should strictly adhere to the Performing Arts guidance.
  • Outdoor performances are always preferable. 
  • Where any indoor performances, a solo or small number of performers is preferable and all should be socially distanced.
  • Those planning the wedding should consider how the performers will impact the total size of the wedding party and therefore the safety of their event.
  • Refraining from playing music at a volume that makes normal conversation difficult, and avoiding activities such as communal singing or chanting.

Wedding receptions are back - latest Government guidelines: Image 4 Other activities

  • Any activities, including those that are watched by attendees (such as cake cutting) should take place with social distancing being maintained.
  • Activities that involve objects being thrown (such as confetti or bouquet toss) or passed from person to person should be avoided.Speeches should be undertaken outside or in well ventilated areas wherever possible.
  • Photo booths and guest book signing can take place with hand sanitisation encouraged before and after contact.
For more information on all of the above, and additional Government guidleines to ensure you have a COVID-secure wedding day visit

Wedding receptions are back - latest Government guidelines: Image 5 Now that wedding planning can push on for the rest of 2020, 2021 and beyond, here's how County Wedding Magazines and Events can help you...

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  • Our websites are packed to the brim of inspiration, advice, news and suppliers
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