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Six sustainable ideas for a green wedding from expert Victoria Prew

Six sustainable ideas for a green wedding from expert Victoria Prew: Image 1 Everyday we're reminded about the importance of sustainabilty whether that's from media outlets or activists promoting awareness about saving the planet. From innovative new ways of using plastic that's washed up on our shores to carrying reusable water bottles and making sure that we resuse our shopping bags, the list is endless of how we can start incorporating this growing and important trend in our everyday lives.

With studies showing the amount of unrecyclable plastic used and left behind at British weddings last year amassed to the equivalent of 47 Blue Whales, Victoria Prew founder & CEO of the UK's leading peer-to-peer wardrobe rental platform HURR Collective shares her tips on how to have the chicest, most sustainable wedding.

Engagement Rings: First up, a lab-grown diamond is a diamond: chemically, physically and optically identical to a mined diamond. Yet lab-grown diamonds are a huge 2020 trend with nearly 70% of millennials considering them as a more sustainable alternative. Check out Kimaï, my go-to for lab-grown.

The Perfect Location: When looking for venues, consider spaces that already match your wedding style. Opting for a location with built-in decor will save you money on single-use purchases.

Go Local: Cut down on your carbon footprint by hiring local vendors, and buying local and in-season flowers and food.

Rent, Don't Buy: Renting an outfit is a great option for wedding guests, as well as for different wedding events from the hen-do to the honeymoon. Check out the HURR for inspiration.

Recycled Flowers: Let your arrangements live beyond the wedding day by donating them to a nursing home, hospital, or shelter through organisations like Floral Angels.

Any leftovers? Olio is a free app that connects local neighbours with each other so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away. All you need to do is list on the site what you have leftover and they'll come to you to collect.

Gifts for the girls from Kent-based Arian Hare

Gifts for the girls from Kent-based Arian Hare

Arian Hare Jewellery brings you brilliantly affordable jewellery – the perfect gifts for your...

Perfectly packaged gifts from BOXD

Perfectly packaged gifts from BOXD

BOXD is a new online shop selling curated gift boxes which make for the ultimate pre-wedding surprise or post-vow...

Why your Will is a priority after marriage

Why your Will is a priority after marriage

After the highs of your wedding day, it's highly unlikely for your mind to turn to something altogether...

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