It's World Cocktail Day - bottoms up!

short glasses with apple and cinnamon World Cocktail Day is today, Thursday 13th May, and the expert mixologists at The Lakeside, a hospitality, wedding and events venue, have pulled together a selection of their favourite cocktails, coupled with a few interesting facts about each one.
For any cocktail lover, World Cocktail Day is one of the best days in the social calendar, especially now bars and restaurants are reopening, it is the perfect time to read up on a new cocktail you are eager to try! The mixologists at the Lakeside have done all the hard work for you, so simply sit back, relax and fall in love with a new cocktail from the list below...


Legend has it that the Mojito originated in Cuba and was traditionally used as a medicinal drink to curb the diseases on the island. Now one of the most popular cocktails on the market, the original moon shine, rum-type alcohol was mixed with mint, lime and sugar cane to ward of illness, but is now enjoyed as a refreshing drink all year around.
White Rum | Lime Juice | Mint Leaves | Soda Water | Granulated Sugar


Passionfruit Martini (Pornstar Martini)
A surprise to many that this well-known cocktail, the Pornstar Martini, was officially christened as the Maverick Martini in 2002 by bartender, Douglas Ankrah. There aren't many places you can go without seeing this modern cocktail on the menu, made from Vanilla Vodka, Passionfruit Liqueur and a shot of champagne or prosecco served on the side.
Vanilla Vodka | Passoa | Lime Juice | Sugar Syrup | Champagne or Prosecco | Ripe Passion Fruits

espresso martini

Espresso Martini
A firm favourite among many who enjoy a cocktail created to "wake you up." Creator of this wonderous cocktail was bartender Dick Bradsel, who back in the 80's was asked by a model in the Soho Brasserie where he was working to create her a drink that would "wake her up" and so, the Espresso Martini was born.
Vodka | Coffee Liqueur | Espresso Coffee | Coffee beans


Similar to Sangria, Sanagree is a Spanish tipple enjoyed by many and its origins date back to 1774. The two drinks have similarities, they both encompass the Spanish root word: sangree, meaning "blood." Unlike Sangria, Sangree is made up from mainly Spanish Brandy, Spanish Liqueur, Spanish Shiraz, seasonal fruits as well as fresh orange and lemon juice. Whereas, Sangria mainly used red wine, citrus and sugar – whichever you prefer, be sure to serve chilled and garnish with a sprig of mint, for that extra special touch!
Spanish Brandy | Orange Liqueur | Spanish Shiraz | Fresh Orange & Lemon Juice | Soda | Seasonal Fruits

apple cocktail

Apple Toddy
In 1933 Captain J. E. Alexander, an English Military man, wrote down in his memoir 'Transatlantic Travels' a few exciting new drinks he was offered on his American excursion adventure. A traditional Apple Toddy is very involved and uses a wide range of ingredients. Whereas many places now offer a similar more modern take on the traditional drink.
Apple Brandy | Baked Apple | Pimento Dram | Honey | Christmas syrup | Lemon | Cinnamon

berry cocktail

Berry Blazer
The perfect summer cocktail, created by American bartender, Jerry Thomas back in the 19th-century. A pioneer of his time, Thomas wrote one of the first books to be published on how to mix drinks and put his efforts into popularising cocktails.
Cognac | Orange Liqueur | Fresh Berries | Plum Bitters | Cinnamon | Orange Slices

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