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Achieve a fresh-faced bridal look with these professional top tips

With lockdown restrictions easing we’ve never been more eager to get ‘back to normal life’. For some that will mean the return of make-up routines that we’ve abandoned over the past year, as lack of face-to-face work meetings and socialising of any kind has meant we’ve ditched hour long make-up rituals in favour of a more fresh-faced and low-key look. But are we ready to go back to a full face of make-up? Celebrity make-up artist Bryony Blake argues that there has been no better time to embrace ‘skinimalism’ - the natural, bare-faced look that is one of 2021’s biggest beauty trends and a bridal favourite.

For Bryony, it's essential to start with healthy eyes – particularly if you’ve laid off the mascara this year and reaped the benefits. Some make-up products can worsen the symptoms of dry eyes, a condition affecting more women than men, leaving them with redness, sensitivity and discomfort. As a dry eye sufferer herself, Bryony has provided six top tips for achieving a fresh-faced make-up look to complement natural, healthy eyes ensuring optimal comfort on your wedding day.

Systane Lubricant Eye Drops

1. Refresh and revive

"If you're like me, the past year of pretty much solid screen time has taken its toll on my eyes and I am finding they are very dry. Before I apply any make-up, I make sure I pop a couple of drops of Systane® COMPLETE in each eye to refresh and revive them. They provide fast hydration and give me that sparkle back."

Shot of a beautiful young woman holding up a face cream product

2. All about that base

"Whilst they settle in my eyes, I apply my base. To avoid oiliness throughout the day I like to change up my moisturiser and use one that is either more lightweight or has mattifying properties. It's really important to wear SPF as well but many people find their skin can react to it, so choose one that is both light and gentle."

young beautiful woman applying foundation on her face

3. Building the foundations

"In terms of coverage, it's important to choose a foundation that hydrates the skin and provides just the right amount of coverage. You want skin looking dewy and radiant, and as the weather gets a bit warmer, you'll be thankful for one that has a lightweight formula and doesn't feel sticky in the heat."

Close-up of make-up blue eye with long lashes with black mascara

4. Adding definition

"I like to keep things simple for my eyes, so I start with a cream eyeshadow. This is easy to apply and takes a matter of seconds. I then take a bronzing powder and sweep it across the crease of my eye to add definition. You then want to choose a lengthening mascara that has a long-lasting formula that doesn't smudge or drop but really helps to emphasise the eyes. For an extra boost to tired eyes try adding a little cream eyeliner to the waterline as this will really help them to pop and look more awake."

Cropped close up photo of lipstick lips, curly brunette hairdo, isolated on yellow background

5. A touch of colour

"My favourite trick for a fresh-faced look is to take a cream blusher and apply to the apples of my cheeks with my fingertips. I then love to use a tinted lip balm on my lips for just a touch of colour. It will add a gorgeous sheen and hydration even to dried chapped lips. Avoid matte formulas as they suit more dressed up looks and require regular application throughout the day."

Glowing natural bridal makeup

6. Get the glow

"My final tip is to lightly dust the cheekbones with a highlighter, not forgetting to add a little dot in the inner corner of the eye to further open them up. Highlighter is buildable so start with just a small amount first and add more if you need to. A little shimmer will give you an effortless glow that will brighten your complexion in seconds."

Bryony’s top seven beauty products to help achieve the skinimalism look.

  •     Systane® Complete Lubricating Eye Drops (£15.49)
  •     Missguided Lids Lids Lids High Pigment Cream Eyeshadow in Strip Back (£9)
  •     MAC Extended Play Lash Mascara in Gigablack (£17)
  •     The Rimmel Scandal'Eyes WTP Eyeliner in Nude (£4.99)
  •     E.L.F. Putty Blush in Fiji (£6)
  •     Dr.Lipp 100% Natural Moisturising Colour Lip Tints (£7.99)
  •     E.L.F Baked Highlighter in Moonlight Pearls (£5)

Available now in Boots stores nationwide and online, Systane® COMPLETE Lubricant Eye Drops have been designed to provide immediate relief for all types of dry eye. Thanks to its advanced nano-sized droplet technology, it instantly hydrates the eye to prevent tear evaporation. Its unique formula is designed to increase hydration protection and provide continued relief of dry eye symptoms and an instant soothing sensation.

For more information about Systane® COMPLETE check out

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