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Wedding wellness essentials to get big day ready

Wedding wellness essentials to get big day ready: Image 1 We all want to look our best on the big day, having the confidence to walk down that aisle with all eyes on you is priceless. For many brides, that confidence comes from getting their health on track and with leading weight loss brand, Drop Away and vegan friendly supplement brand, Live Limitless that goal of a healthier, slimmer and fitter you is made that little bit easier.

Now, these brands have gotten together to create a guide to the ultimate products to get you bridal ready.

2 months to go...
Try Drop Away's Advanced Plus Plan - a unique combo of diet plan and supplements that can help you lose up to a stone in a month. £39.99 for 30 day supply, £74.99 for 60 day or £109.99 for 90 day supply at www.dropaway.co.uk

The Advanced Plus Plan is a healthy eating plan (including a reduction in Carbohydrates, Fats and Sugars) which is designed to educate you on healthy eating, portion control, healthy cooking and help you fall in love with food again. You will be surprised how much food you actually eat on this plan as it is by no means a starvation diet. The plan will guide you on what choices to pick for your breakfast, lunch and dinner and there is an extensive 'approved food' list broken down into a variety of different categories such as proteins, vegetables, fruit, cereal, snack, freebies etc. Its simple to follow with no calorie counting, point scoring or complicated coloured days. The plan simply gives you the weights or measures of the food you can choose from and eventually this will help you to learn what a healthy, colourful, delicious plate of food looks like. You will also get the love back for food and cooking, the sense of satisfaction you will get from knowing you prepared the food and how amazing you will look and feel from doing so.

The plan is supported by the Advanced Plus Capsules which feature a selection of all natural and vegetarian friendly ingredients that have been shown to aid weight loss by suppressing appetite, enhancing your metabolism and burning fat deposits.

1 month to go...
Try Drop Away's Lipo Reduce - the ultimate cellulite busting and inch loss cream £29.99 at www.dropaway.co.uk

Drop Away's Lipo Reduce (loved by the likes of Nicola McClean and Imogen Thomas) delivers an innovative formula that has been designed to help reduce the appearance of those 'dimples' thanks to a combination of cellulite fighting ingredients.

You can lose up to 5cm around the waist and 2cm on the thighs after using it twice a day for just 21 days.

2 weeks to go...
Live Clean by Live Limitless - the ultimate detox tonic to help shed pounds and get your skin glowing. £29 from www.livelimitless.co.uk

Life is all about balance and Live Limitless is all about the 'detox to retox' philosophy. To help with the detox portion, Live Clean is your go to! A 14 day detox tonic, this unique formula of natural plant-based active ingredients will cleanse your body from the inside out. Feeling sluggish? Unexplained fatigue? Cellulite and bloating? Live Clean's exclusive blend of plant power will help rid your body of toxins and can help aid weight loss. In a recent study where 25 people used Live Clean for 28 days with no other dietary or lifestyle changes, 100% of them lost weight - on average this was 5kgs lost and 3.41cm from the waistline.

On the honeymoon...
Limitless by Live Limitless - the ultimate prevention against the all-inclusive resort weight gain! £35 from www.livelimitless.co.uk

Once the big day is over you'll want to spend the honeymoon recovering and let's face it, indulging! Fear not, for those times when you want to enjoy that dessert or pasta dish, there is Limitless - a revolutionary vegan complex of natural plant fibres which help control calorie intake by absorbing fats, sugars and reducing the appetite - capturing up to 462 calories per day or ALL the fats and sugars contained in six pieces of chocolate.

Surely this is too good to be true? Think again! The vegetable fibres swell with water to entrap some of the fat and sugar molecules consumed, preventing the body from absorbing them as they are simply passed naturally through your system. Don't panic, Limitless is not a fat blocker, so there are none of the associated "nasty" side effects.

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