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From cosy cashmere knits to oversized jackets and tailoring, there is something for every fashionable man. Fashion experts from T.M. Lewin have observed the standout styles and trends to give you an idea of what to wear during the colder seasons and during the transitional period. 

Coats and jackets

Following its popularity last season, the shearling jacket is still worth the investment, as this warm and stylish piece continues to trickle into 2023 fashion. Emporio Armani showed a sweeping shearling-lined coat inspired by aviators of the 1930s in their recent Milan show. In keeping with this theme, they also showcased looks featuring bomber jackets, helmets and goggles. Prada had similar ideas as they presented an oversized parka-bomber jacket and duffle coat in their latest collection. 

In Paris, however, there was a noticeable theme of plush coats and jackets. Givenchy, Loewe and Bode presented daring plush teddy bear fabrics for their outerwear looks.

Ultimately, these collections tell us one thing: We should expect to see voluminous and hooded plush jackets in camel or purple as a staple statement piece in upcoming AW wardrobes. 

Man wearing a grey suit looking out the window Credit: Getty ImagesSuits  

Dark grey is an optimal colour this season, particularly charcoal tones. Whilst this is a classic look, for the more adventurous dresser, inspiration can be taken from Paris men’s fashion week to help you stay warm and stand out in the sea of grey. Designer Hed Mayner presented oversized checked pieces with structured shoulders, while Rei Kawakubo sent his models down the runway in monochrome, grey and bright pink tailoring. This indicates that pops of colour, combined with the neutral tones, will be big this year.


As demonstrated at Paris men’s FW, layering pieces are a must-have for all trans-seasonal wardrobes. Models from Paul Smith, Kolor and Namesake were dressed in three or more layers, with some outfits showcasing a daring clash of muted and vibrant patterns. Layering enables the wearer to build up, or build down a look, not only being useful when adjusting to the weather but also for occasions.

Oversized fit 

Oversized, relaxed-looking garments were a popular feature at Milan’s FW, with Gucci presenting oversized pastel tailoring, whilst Prada gave us an oversized parka-bomber jacket with orange lining.  

According to an analysis of Google Trends data, there was a 215 per cent increase in searches in the UK for ‘oversized men’s’ pieces over the past five years, with a peak in December last year. Oversized pieces are becoming increasingly popular for men who wish to dress with a more relaxed look and feel, and this is expected to carry on into this year’s AW season. Rather than seeking out oversized pieces, why not buy ones you love a few sizes larger than your regular size? This will give you the oversized effect with far more choices in terms of colour, fabric and style. Opting for oversized outerwear also lends itself to the layering trend mentioned above, allowing for multiple garments to be comfortably worn underneath. 

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