Check out the new Dumas GMT Automatic watch

Dumas GMT Automatic The all-new Dumas GMT Automatic from Spinnaker Watches elevates the dive watch collection and pays tribute to famed dive pioneer Frédéric Dumas. 
The new Dumas GMT Automatic range not only features an independent GMT dual time hand, which reads off a secondary time zone, but the external uni-directional 24-hour bezel allows for an additional third time zone to be read at a glance. This function is made possible by the Seiko TMI NH34 GMT automatic movement, which runs the Dumas GMT Automatic from within, ensuring precision and reliability. This new timepiece has an octagonal 44mm case size which ensures a comfortable, reliable fit for the wearer in depths of up to 300m. The bi-colour bezels featured in this range are carefully balanced with an assembly of weighted hour and minute 'plongeur' style hands, and round indexes coated in Swiss Super-LumiNova for maximum visibility in low light conditions. 
This new iteration of the well-loved Spinnaker Dumas celebrates Frédéric Dumas and his legacy, a brave and adventurous diver who pioneered many new diving techniques that are practised today. Becoming a champion competitive swimmer in adolescence, Dumas progressed to becoming a free diving legend before he entered the arena of professional scuba diving. He was the first to test the AquaLung, the world's first open-circuit, self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, and his keen passion for world history enabled him to contribute significantly to marine archaeology.

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