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Wedding News: Inside the UK’s most ‘Traitorous’ castle

Inside the UK’s most ‘Traitorous’ castle

The Traitors is Britain's hottest new reality competition, where a group of twenty strangers come together for the investigation of their life: to find and stop the Traitors from stealing the ultimate prize pot! It's a show full of mind-games, backstabbing and trust, and its second series proves to be gripping the nation once again. And the setting of this treacherous game makes it all the more entertaining: a beautiful castle in the Scottish highlands. In fact, enquiries about this castle have shot up since the show first aired in 2022.


Wedding News: Wedding floral trends for 2024

Wedding floral trends for 2024

Bloom & Wild florist, Emma Forsey, presents a vision of floral enchantment that goes beyond the ordinary. From local blooms and wild meadows to bold colour clashes and the evolution of AI, here's what to come in 2024 for wedding blooms. Local flowers have been getting the love they deserve in the wedding scene, and it looks like they're going to be the go-to choice for UK weddings in 2024. More and more couples are valuing the eco-friendly element of homegrown blooms, appreciating the chance to support local flower growers. British flowers aren't just a trendy word anymore; they're becoming a significant and lasting part of the wedding flower industry.


Wedding News: That's so Fetch: 10 Ideas for the ultimate Mean Girls-themed hen party

That's so Fetch: 10 Ideas for the ultimate Mean Girls-themed hen party

It's time to channel your inner Regina George and party like it's October 3rd! To celebrate the release of the new Mean Girls movie on 19th January 2024, Fizzbox has the rundown on Mean Girls themed hen party ideas that are so fetch! In a world where wearing pink on Wednesdays isn't just a choice but a lifestyle, this is the ultimate way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials in style, whether you're an aspiring Spring Fling Queen or a Mathlete. So break out the Burn Book and dust off your Plastics-approved heels. Get in loser, we're going on a hen do!


Wedding News: From casual to formal, here’s how to plan your picture-perfect engagement party

From casual to formal, here’s how to plan your picture-perfect engagement party

Firsty, congratulations! You're getting married! After a proposal, there are so many things to think about, but before preparing for the big day itself, an engagement party is a great way to share your exciting news and get your nearest and dearest together to celebrate. Pinterest trends1 revealed the largest peak in searches for 'engagement party ideas' were in January last year, now is the time to get the ball rolling and start planning for the prelude of the main event. Whether you're planning an intimate gathering or a lavish affair, party planning expert at Ginger Ray, Jess Martin, shares 10 tips for your celebration, no matter how big or small:


Wedding News: New designers from Canterbury’s Beautiful in Curves

New designers from Canterbury’s Beautiful in Curves

Canterbury's Beautiful in Curves is pleased to add Sydney's Closet, and its sister label Michelle's Bridal, to its boutique. Sydney's Closet share the brand's ethos by using curvy models in its images showing how brides will look in their dream dress on their special day. "Our shared belief is you shouldn't have to imagine how a dress may look or fit," says Beautiful in Curves owner Zoe. "We believe that you should experience that special moment of seeing and feeling your dress during your appointment."


Wedding News: The wedding gifts couples in 2024 really want...

The wedding gifts couples in 2024 really want...

When it comes to wedding planning, there is so much to think about, the same goes for wedding gift lists & etiquette. Gifting Guru at The Wedding Shop, Liza Baucher, answers you everything you need to know about wedding registries... In short, we advise adding 2-3 gifts per wedding guest invited. Adding a variety of gifts to your wedding list caters to the differing budgets and preferences of your guests. It's a thoughtful approach to include a wide range of items, from smaller, more affordable pieces to a few higher-end gifts. The key is balance and variety. Typically, having slightly more gifts than the number of guests or households invited allows for enough choice without overwhelming your guests.


Wedding News: Say 'Cheers!' at Balfour Winery

Say 'Cheers!' at Balfour Winery

If you're looking for a unique location for a pre- or post-wedding get-together then head to Balfour Winery, based just outside Staplehurst in Kent. It's been recognised as one of the country's top visitor attractions, and the only vineyard to receive a Gold Medal accreditation by VisitEngland according to the organisation's Accolade Awards! Balfour are now eyeing attracting visitors from further afield, laying down a challenge to be one of the most visited wineries not just in the country but around the world. It hopes to welcome a new generation of consumers with a focus on sustainability at its 400-acre estate, alongside plans to open a restaurant.


Wedding News: Wedding ring trends 2024 according to Queensmith

Wedding ring trends 2024 according to Queensmith

Symbolising unconditional love, devotion and commitment, wedding rings represent the union of marriage between two people and unlike engagement rings, they are worn by both. Often, wedding rings tend to be more simple and minimalist, but there are still so many different choices you can make from the metal colour, style and bandwidth. As such, experts at engagement and wedding ring jeweller, Queensmith, have released exclusive internal data to help guide couples on what wedding rings will be popular in 2024.


Wedding News: 2024 wedding trend: cocktails to serve at 70s-inspired weddings!

2024 wedding trend: cocktails to serve at 70s-inspired weddings!

Pinterest has launched its Pinterest Predicts report and '70s-inspired weddings are set to be huge in 2024, with searches for 'groovy wedding' increasing 170% and 'retro wedding theme' spiking 80%. Experts at NIO Cocktails have shared popular cocktails from the 1970s that you should serve at your retro wedding: "The era that brought us the rise of disco music, retro prints and bell bottom trousers also brought us a resurgence in classic cocktails and new ones, too! There were many cocktails that were popular in the 1970s and if you're wanting to throw the perfect '70s-inspired wedding, we'd definitely advise including our top three '70s cocktail picks in your wedding."


Wedding News: Jewellery launch from Kent-based company

Jewellery launch from Kent-based company

Kent-based Stackers has launched The Wedding Collection offering something for everyone in the wedding party; from jewellery boxes and cosmetic bags to suit bags, cufflink boxes and more. Its new additions are the Pebble White Cosmetic Organiser, the White Shoe Glass Display Frame and White Jewellery Glass Display Frame. Each offer the perfect way to display your special items post-wedding, you can also use them as a lovely photo opportunity on your big day as you get ready. The jewellery display frame is fitted with a stand so that you can display it on a surface or alternatively you can hang it on a wall, while the shoe display frame is fitted with a glass top to protect the contents from dust and dirt.


Wedding News: 2024 food and drink trends predicted by the experts

2024 food and drink trends predicted by the experts

From flexitarianism and the rise of sharing plates, to higher demand for whiskies and the rise in under-loved species of fish; here, renowned chefs and drink experts predict what will be the food and drink trends to take 2024 by storm - inspiration for your big-day catering too, with so much choice it will be hard to pick your favourite trend!


Wedding News: Produced in Kent reveals a tasty future

Produced in Kent reveals a tasty future

The leading food and drink trade organisation, Produced in Kent, are at the forefront of supporting and highlighting the food and drink produced in the Garden of England. CEO Floortje Hoette shares some of her industry insight and trend predictions for 2024. In recent times, we have seen a backlash against ultra processed foods, with leading specialists including Chris van Tulleken highlighting the fact that ultra processed foods are damaging our physical and mental health. Floortje says "Consumers want convenience but also transparency, we want to know what goes in our food and where it comes from. Most of us don't have the time to cook everything from scratch and so I think we will see more products that fit in that middle zone, they are processed for our convenience but not ultra processed with a long list of indistinguishable ingredients.


Wedding News: Celebrate your wedding day with Niche Cocktails

Celebrate your wedding day with Niche Cocktails

If you want to serve amazing cocktails on the big day, then Niche Cocktails has you covered with its premium ready-to-drink canned cocktails. Perfect for kick-starting the celebrations, Niche Cocktails' range of all-natural cocktails taste just as good (if not better) than the ones you'd make from scratch, meaning that cocktail-loving couples can serve their favourite combos on their wedding day - why not enjoy your favourite tipples on your hen/stag or sten do too! Pre-mixed to ensure there's one less thing to worry about, you and your guests can enjoy a tasty tipple with Niche's delicious range that is so simple to serve. Each can can be poured straight into a glass or into a shaker with ice, allowing your guests more time for mingling.


Wedding News: Should I get a prenup ahead of my wedding?

Should I get a prenup ahead of my wedding?

Should I get a prenup ahead of my wedding? If you're planning your wedding, it's likely you're experiencing a whole mix of emotions! On the one hand, you'll be on cloud nine and feeling so excited. On the other, the stress can often get the better of you, no matter how in love you are. The planning, the preparation and the pressure can be overwhelming at times. In amongst all of this, you may not be thinking about putting measures in place to protect yourself in the event of the relationship one day breaking down. Whilst not the most romantic of things to be thinking about, an ever-growing number of couples are turning to prenuptial agreements ('prenups') to safeguard their money and assets before they begin their marriage and post nuptial agreements thereafter. At Stowe Family Law, we have seen enquiries for prenups increase by a quarter in the last year.


Wedding News: Love is love with new celebrant service in Kent

Love is love with new celebrant service in Kent

Rainbow Weddings is an exciting new independent celebrant service for weddings and other ceremonies in Kent and the wider South East region. The service was founded by its lead celebrant, Paul Barnett, who has 12 years' experience as a registrar and believes that everyone deserves to be happy. Paul says, "I feel that many couples, especially those from the LGBTQ+ community, aren't necessarily getting the best deal from legal civil ceremonies, which can be very restrictive in content and location." So, he decided to do something about it and now offers his couples a ceremony that's unique to them.


Wedding News: Most popular day for marriage proposals revealed

Most popular day for marriage proposals revealed

New research has revealed the most common dates for marriage proposals in the UK, with Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day taking the top three spots. In order to delve into engagement trends, a UK wedding venue has conducted a survey of married, engaged and single people... More than 2,700 people aged 18 and over took part in the research, 76% of whom were married or engaged and 24% of whom had not been engaged yet. Respondents answered questions about their past proposals, or what they would want from a proposal in future. Wedding venue Hensol Castle first of all asked what date of the year anyone who was or had been engaged was asked for their hand in marriage (or did the asking), which revealed the following top five dates to be the most popular of the year:


Wedding News: Fraser Hart launch at Bluewater and Bromley

Fraser Hart launch at Bluewater and Bromley

Fraser Hart is redefining affordable luxury with the launch of its Born Lab Grown Diamonds Collection in 10 new stores nationwide, which includes those in Bluewater and Bromley. Optically, physically and chemically identical to an earth-grown diamond, these timeless jewels are the result of the cuttingedge technology used to create them in a laboratory setting. Blending craftsmanship and innovation Born Lab Grown Diamonds are breathtaking in their clarity, delivering the same sparkling wow-factor as traditionally-mined gems, but with a more accessible price tag.


Wedding News: 2024 wedding trends from the experts

2024 wedding trends from the experts

Emma Gold, founder of GSP Events, an events production agency responsible for some of the most iconic weddings of the last 27 years, unveils the 2024 wedding trends along with other experts in the industry..."Another trend we are seeing more and more of – the hotel buyout; guests are keen for total exclusivity and privacy for their guests. It is no longer enough to simply take a few rooms or the events spaces for the day or the weekend. Going forward, guests are taking over entire hotels. Clients of ours this year had the Maybourne Riviera for the weekend. One event was hosted there, with best friends and family all accommodated in the hotel. It means the celebrations never stop, and it allows guests to spend good quality down time together too. From a logistical perspective, it's hugely helpful in ensuring guests are at the right place at the right time; but also, what a dream to be able to have all your loved ones in one place."


Wedding News: 20 things to get us through January according to Brits

20 things to get us through January according to Brits

With Christmas over, and the most depressing month of the year in full swing researchers asked Brits to vote for the things which we love about the colder months, with snuggling up with a blanket the top choice! The research, conducted by luxury ski resorts Club Med, also revealed a Sunday roast helps us get through the chilliest days, as over a quarter (27 per cent) love the smell of a roast dinner wafting through the house.


Wedding News: The best alcohol-free drinks to serve at weddings?

The best alcohol-free drinks to serve at weddings?

Discover the delightful range of award-winning non-alcoholic beverages from Mocktails which will make the perfect accompaniment to alcohol-free weddings and hen/stag dos! The ready-to-drink beverages are perfect for those looking to embrace the benefits of alcohol-free without compromising on flavour. Mocktails offer a delectable collection of flavours, each carefully crafted with the finest ingredients, spices, and botanicals sourced from around the world. Mixology-inspired and uniquely crafted, drinks include Mockarita, Sansgria, Mockscow Mule, Mockapolitan and Espress0% Martini. Mocktails' beverages are made with real fruit juices, exotic and natural flavours, and pure cane sugar.


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