Do you live up to your star sign when it comes to relationships?

zodiac chat If you're here reading County Wedding Magazines you're on your journey towards walking down that aisle to meet your one and only at the end of it - aaah! Have you looked to the stars to see how compatible you are? Are there things you wish you knew about your partner to really put a smile on their face? From personality type to the perfect date here Holistic Therapist Katie May at Switchback Travel presents the kind of partner you are, according to your star sign....

couple hiking on mountain

Aries March 21 – April 19
Bold, ambitious and head strong, nothing intimidates an Aries. They are not afraid to take the reins and make the first move as they are renowned for their direct approach. You will never wonder how an Aries feels about you, as they are brutally honest beings. A natural leader, an Aries is likely to plan every date that puts romance aside in favour for action. Want to win an Aries heart? Then fuel their competitive nature by initiating fast paced sports and activity.Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of spontaneity, passion, and desire. Born under the Ram, an Aries is likely to hold stamina in the bedroom coupled with a strong sense of desire. An Aries maintains the same level of passion, regardless of how long they have been within the relationship.
Perfect date: A picturesque hike, adventure sports such as zip lining, or a day at a theme park.

couple fine dining

Taurus April 20 – May 20
A Taurus is an Earth sign. As a result, they are practical in their ways, with their feet firmly on the ground. Although a realist, they are unapologetically romantic and favour the finer things in life. They hold a strong appreciation for craftsmanship and will rather invest in a luxury experience than partake in several activities that they feel are 'only ok'. In a relationship, a Taurus is not likely to compromise. If they feel that they are in the right, they stand their ground and will not budge. Ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love, a Taurus is very sensual and encourages experiences that stimulates all 5 senses. As they are so content in luxury experiences, a Taurus is likely to take their time and really savour the event.
Perfect date: An 'Instagramable' fine dining experience, a date at the latest bar or a picnic at a local beauty spot.

punting on river

Gemini May 21 – June 20
The Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the Gods. As a result, a Gemini requires constant mental stimulation throughout a relationship and must feel that the relationship is constantly evolving. A Gemini is highly creative and loves romantic gestures. These do not have to be costly as its always the thought behind an action that they value the most. Natural born wordsmiths, a Gemini often combines their passion for languages and creativity with 'dirty talk.' Although a Gemini favours a romantic setting, they tend to keep things light and fun, and often initiate role play!
Perfect date: A picnic on a sunny day, a dinner in an authentic cosy restaurant or punting in Cambridge.

couple doing yoga

Cancer June 21 – July 22
A Cancer is really in tune with their emotions and particularly influenced by the cycles of the moon as they are a water sign. A Cancer requires a consistent emotional connection throughout a relationship and when they love, they love hard. It is a Cancer that is known to have psychic abilities so in a relationship, they can often read situations very well. A Cancer must feel safe in their environment and fully trust their partner. Once trust is gained, they lose all inhibitions and often introduce trying new things.
Perfect date: Picking up energies in the room with ease, a Cancer would love a date with a Tarot card reader, a Yoga class or even a sound bath meditation lesson.

couple in paint class

Leo July 23 – August 22
A Leo is often animated, their own hype man, fiery, creative, and dramatic. A Leo is ruled by the sun, and it is easy to see how as they often light up a room. They find dating easy as they get along with everyone effortlessly, know their worth and not afraid to take chances.A Leo loves and thrives when they are centre stage and admired. They love being centre of attention so will always take the lead.
Perfect date: A date that provides an opportunity for a Leo to take centre stage and praised. Want to win a Leos heart? Cheer them on and praise their skills when rock climbing, taking a dance class or even a painting lesson.

couple at art gallery

Virgo August 23 – September 22
A Virgo is incredibly academic. They enjoy learning new things and are very logical. They love structure, making lists and have a great eye for detail. They are unashamedly traditional and are often regarded as old fashioned by those around them. Co-habiting with a Virgo requires their partner to be mindful of mess, conduct DIY tasks with great precision and complete tasks in a timely manner. A Virgo favours traditional courting and once they feel that they have been romanced, they fully, wholeheartedly commit to their partner. They love passionate settings, think candles and music that set a scene. A Virgo notices when you cut corners, so ensure that you make them feel number one.
Perfect date: A board game that requires creativity and concentration is perfect for a Virgo. A trip to the local museum is also perfect for a Virgo, no matter what the subject matter of the museum is!

couple wine tasting

Libra September 23 – October 22
A Libra is confident and a renowned flirt. They are very cultured and often know a little bit about everything. A Libra is characterized by scales and for good reason, as they love being in a pair. They make great partners and are incredibly loyal. A natural people pleaser, a Libras biggest downfall in a relationship is not thinking of what makes them happy and constantly focusing on others. An Air sign, a Libra is the lover of the Zodiac. Above all, it is most important for them to fall in love. If the relationship is secure and happy, a Libra does not consider the details of sex. A Libra loves the chase, so always ensure that they feel loved and take time to plans dates.
Perfect date: Any date that celebrates and absorbs culture for instance, an art gallery or wine tasting. A libra is especially talented at learning languages, so partaking in a language class can be an ongoing date/hobby.

couple making cocktails

Scorpio October 23 – November 21
A Scorpio lives life to the full and is very dedicated. Once a Scorpio sets their mind, they will always achieve it. They are passionate and powerful with an emotional awareness and level of intuitiveness. A Scorpio makes a great partner as they will stay with you through thick and thin. Sex with a Scorpio is always set to be passionate as when they connect with someone on an emotional level, their love is intense. A Scorpio can be erotic and take charge. They will always keep their partner on their toes.
Perfect date: A bit of a party animal, a Scorpio loves a fast-paced date filled with cocktails throughout a bar crawl and then heading on to an after party.

garden party

Sagittarius November 22 – December 21
There is only one word for a Sagittarius – adventurer! A Sagittarius wears their heart on their sleeve, and they are open, honest. They are not in to playing games and would much rather tell their partner exactly how they feel. A Sagittarius is spontaneous with regards to sex. Natural thrill seekers, they are drawn to the danger of sex outside or experimenting with new things. Nothing phases a Sagittarius.
Perfect date: A DIY Glasto inspired garden date including grazing tables, flower crowns and good music. A Sagittarius will not only appreciate the effort, but this date setting will also fuel their sense of adventure.

couple at cinema

Capricorn December 22 – January 19
A Capricorn does not just impulse buy or make snappy decisions as they approach everything as an investment. Ruled by Saturn, a Capricorn moves through relationships with caution and analyse every eventuality before they fully commit. Capricorns are successful beings, and they will work, work, work until they achieve their goals. They like the finer things in life and appreciate a bouji experience. Success to a Capricorn is very much represented by material objects and therefore they love to be gifted in relationships. Capricorns are often misinterpreted as prudes; however, they generally just have their guard up. Once a Capricorns guard comes down, they are free spirits and willing to try anything. Nothing phases a Capricorn and once they trust you, completely lose their inhibitions.
Perfect date: A Capricorn appreciates tradition, so pick them up at 7 for dinner and a movie. Too formal? A fancy bar that is the latest to be trending on Instagram is sure to impress a Capricorn.

couple takeaway

Aquarius January 20 – February 18
Ruled by Uranus, an Aquarius is often the sign that is misunderstood. In relationships, they are often hard to read and can come off as cold. An Aquarius is fiercely independent and must feel that they still have their freedom in a relationship. They will not feel that they owe you anything and very much adopt a 'dating' mindset, regardless of how long you have been exclusive for.
Perfect date: The more casual the better. Some drinks at home and a takeaway are perfect for an Aquarius or just a pint at the local pub. Forever the free spirit, sex can be tricky with an Aquarius. They do not stick to convention and always willing to try new things. You will be kept on your toes as an Aquarius always wants to change things up.

couple fancy dress

Pisces February 19 – March 20
A Pisces is an absolute daydreamer. So much so, the lines between their dreamworld and reality is often blurred. They are naturally positive people who always see the good in people. They love to spoil those in a relationship, and nothing is every to much trouble. They are often their partners biggest cheerleader. Always in a dreamworld, a Pisces loves role play. You are most likely to live out your wildest fantasies with a Pisces as they are more than willing to experiment and have great satisfaction in fulfilling their partners wildest dreams.
Perfect date: A perfect date for a Pisces is one where they can get completely lost in a dream world. Comic con, fancy dress parties or backyard cinema is the perfect date for a Pisces.

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