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Beauty News: Revolutionising wellness: The Wonder Patch launches

Revolutionising wellness: The Wonder Patch launches

The Wonder Patch represents a significant leap forward in the world of wellness, offering an innovative alternative to traditional vitamin supplements. This natural patch range leverages state-of-the-art technology to provide a consistent and efficient release of essential vitamins and minerals through the skin. It's a cutting-edge, self-care solution designed to help you feel your absolute best, 24/7! These wellness patches are all about natural goodness, giving you lasting benefits throughout the day. Here's what makes them a must-try...


Beauty News: Seasonal Skincare Swap: Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree Range

Seasonal Skincare Swap: Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree Range

As the month that we all choose to put our health in order and detoxify post party season, January is the perfect time to switch up not just fitness, mindfulness, and nutrition goals, but to also swap out the usual products in your skincare regime. Bursting with goodness, here's why Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree Range provides the ultimate products for the winter months: Ideal for those taking on new fitness ventures, this multipurpose, organic soap is packed with more antioxidant than vitamin A, C and E combined! Tea Tree has long been used to fight blemishes, treat body breakouts, and reduce redness whilst calming any irritation, making this range perfect for those who have picked up a new fitness regime in the new year but are struggling to adjust to breakouts from excess sweat. With a rich caramel colour and sweet scent, each soap within this range will keep the skin feeling nourished and hydrated


Beauty News: Meet VARU - the new science-backed, skin friendly, cosmetics brand

Meet VARU - the new science-backed, skin friendly, cosmetics brand

VARU, a ground-breaking beauty brand founded by Jigna Varu, a visionary chemist and make-up guru, has recently launched and is set to redefine the world of cosmetics. The science-backed brand offers premium make-up with a harmonised, skin-friendly mix of formulas. After overcoming challenges in both life and industry, Jigna created VARU as an ode to her life and her last name; VARU – meaning wolf in Gujarati language. Beautiful, powerful, and fiercely protective. "The great thing about our make-up is its make up," says Jigna, proud to create exceptional colour cosmetics from ethical sources. VARU is a brand doing things differently. As a make-up artist, Jigna understands what consumers want and need, whilst also aims to create awareness about what people are putting onto their skin and how this can be harming to the skin and even to the body internally.


Beauty News: Best rose beauty products to fall in love with

Best rose beauty products to fall in love with

Celebrate the best of rose beauty with a selection of rose inspired beauty products that will leave a trail of floral notes from head to toe. Step into Nature's Spa and embrace indulgent floral aromas as you deeply nourish hands and nails. An easily absorbed, essential oil-rich cream with moisturising Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E-rich Sunflower Seed Oil to help the skin feel beautifully soft with strong, conditioned nails.


Beauty News: Westlab launches new Wellbeing Range: BALANCE and RELAX

Westlab launches new Wellbeing Range: BALANCE and RELAX

Centred around Westlab's core focus of offering products that allow natural health, wellbeing, and beauty to be a normal part of everyday life, Westlab has introduced its Wellbeing Range, including two new results-driven bath salt blends: BALANCE and RELAX. Launched in November 2023, the range has been developed over the past two years, after the brand recognised an opportunity for a new bathing era, where prescriptive at-home blends are the norm. As world experts in mineral salt blend formulations, both new products feature pure Magnesium at the heart, with neuro-scientifically proven, mood-boosting ingredients to support and tailor to differentiating needs from female health to optimum relaxation.


Beauty News: Hailing all the way from Australia, bestselling scalp care brand STRAAND has launched in the UK

Hailing all the way from Australia, bestselling scalp care brand STRAAND has launched in the UK

Having launched in Australia in 2022, and garnered thousands of fans globally already, STRAAND is now available in the UK at as well as Sephora, both online and in the new Stratford store. STRAAND is an industry-disrupting addition to the haircare market, set to turn scalp care on its head with the launch of its bestselling microbiome-focused hair care range. The Crown Fix Scalp Serum (£20) helps to relieve scalp stress from heat styling, chemical bleaching, braids, cornrows and permanent colour treatments, and addresses scalp concerns such as dry skin, itchiness, and dandruff. This best-selling scalp serum is hydrating, protective and the perfect skin treatment.


Beauty News: Embrace winter radiance with Urtekram's body butter

Embrace winter radiance with Urtekram's body butter

As winter descends, renowned Scandi skincare brand Urtekram, recommends the Dare To Dream Soft Wild Rose Body Butter, to deliver a luxurious and nourishing experience and combat the harsh effects of the season. Urtekram is known for its commitment to organic and sustainable practices, with a focus on simplicity and efficacy; Urtekram products are crafted to meet the unique needs of winter-worn skin, drawing inspiration from the challenging Danish climate. Originally from Denmark, where winter is both relentless and unforgiving, Urtekram has honed its expertise in crafting skincare solutions tailored to withstand the harshest conditions. The Soft Wild Rose Body Butter reflects this commitment, offering a perfect blend of COSMOS certified organic, natural ingredients to elevate winter skincare routine into a pampering ritual.


Beauty News: Elemental Herbology launch limited edition 100ml size

Elemental Herbology launch limited edition 100ml size

Newly launched, limited edition Elemental Herbology's best-selling Cell Plumping Moisturiser (£95, is a super-sized 100ml which will plump, protect and nurture even the most sensitive skin, and is boxed in exclusive Water Element packaging.

Hydrate and nourish dry skin while improving the skin's natural barrier, reducing sensitivity and increasing elasticity. Ideal for dry, sensitive or thirsty skin needing a boost during the colder months.


Beauty News: Sold out in a matter of hours: New Peep Club Eye Rescue Lidstick

Sold out in a matter of hours: New Peep Club Eye Rescue Lidstick

Peep Club's new Eye Rescue Lidstick flew into baskets at a rapid rate on launch day with one selling every 90 seconds on Victoria Health. The hype was unprecedented and after three years in the making, it sold out in a matter of hours. Peep Club Eye Rescue Lidstick is the first-of-its-kind overnight eye balm stick designed using an advanced blend of vegan, botanical ingredients to protect, soften, and nourish the entire eye area and lashes. The eyelid balm is especially formulated for those with dry eyes, sensitive eyes, or inflamed or dry eyelids. It's been formulated to support the health of the eyes, which all thanks to modern day stressors such as central heating, screen-use, makeup, medication, and caffeine, can become radically disrupted.


Beauty News: This new candle, wax melt and diffuser range can positively impact your mental wellbeing

This new candle, wax melt and diffuser range can positively impact your mental wellbeing

New home fragrance brand, Meltee has laucnhed its forest therapy, vegan collection Nature's Healing. Using sustainable sourced ingredients, Nature's Healing brings the outdoors indoors through scents of rosemary, leaves, green stems, lily, bluebell and cedarwood. Combined with unique Forest Therapy technology, Meltee have created a collection that will bring calm and tranquillity to your everyday life. Harnessing the incredible power of phytoncides technology (more on that below) so that you can reap the rewarding benefits that nature has to offer, without even having to leave your homes, Meltee have created a candle (from £14) , wax melts (£8) and reed diffuser (£22) which all incorporates the transformative, Forest Therapy.


Beauty News: All the winners from the British Hairdressing Awards 2023 revealed

All the winners from the British Hairdressing Awards 2023 revealed

A total of nineteen trophies were awarded to the winners, in front of a 1,400 strong audience of hairdressing peers, influencers and press, alongside celebrity host, Katherine Ryan, who was joined by Hairdressers Journal International's Executive Director, Jayne Lewis-Orr and Julian Crane, General Manager for Henkel Consumer Brands Hair Professional UK & Ireland. Currently in their 39th year, the awards celebrate the outstanding creative and technical skills of the best stylists in the industry. Jayne Lewis-Orr, Executive Director of HJ's British Hairdressing Awards said: 'Almost four decades since they began, HJ's British Hairdressing Awards continue to celebrate the most exciting and creative names in our industry. Tonight's winners have demonstrated creative vision, dedication and passion for their craft. Their work is an inspiration to us all and utterly deserving of this recognition.'


Beauty News: Family run Dot & Lola pioneers sustainable beauty with innovative refillable hair and skincare solutions

Family run Dot & Lola pioneers sustainable beauty with innovative refillable hair and skincare solutions

Dot & Lola, a forward thinking family-run enterprise dedicated to sustainable beauty, is proud to announce the launch of its eco-friendly hair and skincare line. The brand introduces a revolutionary concept in the cosmetics industry, offering natural products housed in infinitely recyclable bottles with convenient refill options. Founded by a seasoned hairdressing professional, Gavin Taylor, Dot & Lola is on a mission to transform societal attitudes towards cosmetics and disposable products. The company's commitment to environmental responsibility and its passion for enhancing beauty converge in a line of high-quality, natural hair and skincare products that champion sustainability.


Beauty News: Champneys' new Lifestyle Membership

Champneys' new Lifestyle Membership

Champneys has always been synonymous with luxury, wellness, and excellence, and its new Lifestyle Membership: Cloud 9 gives open access to every Champneys resort with guests able to work from their stunning surroundings, benefit from the beautiful spas and state-of-the-art fitness facilities whenever they like, as well as explore the extensive grounds for a breath of fresh air – best coffee break ever!


Beauty News: Well grounded - with Peigin Crowley

Well grounded - with Peigin Crowley

An award-winning spa consultant Peigin Crowley has spent more than 20 years crafting distinctive and transformative wellness products and treats for fivestar luxury properties. But in 2020, her attention shifted to the home. Experiencing the devastating impacts of stress, burnout, loss of identity and disconnection from the natural world, she embarked on a quest to create products and at-home rituals that could easily be incorporated into a daily self-care routine. Today, the brand continues to grow, focusing on craft and quality over quantity, sustainable business practices and the promotion of accessible and intuitive self-care for all. Committed to the power of touch, Ground Wellbeing rituals are created by Peigin to deliver carefully developed massage treatments through her years of work as an aromatherapist, where she gained a deeper sense of empathy, compassion and understanding.


Beauty News: Pre-wedding pamper time for mothers and daughters

Pre-wedding pamper time for mothers and daughters

Lovingly created brand Comme des Jumelles invites mothers and daughters to enjoy pamper time together in the run up to the wedding day! Created by a mother wanting to spend more quality time with her three girls, Comme des Jumelles cares for the natural beauty of mums and their daughters and nurtures the bonds between them offering the opportunity of special moments of beautiful togetherness. Consciously and cleverly made to cater for young skin as well as older skin with a minimum of 95% natural ingredients and easily recycled packaging, the product range offers natural, eco-friendly skincare that celebrates eternal beauty and is respectful of mums and daughters' skin as well as the environment.


Beauty News: Signs your hair needs some Bond Building this winter

Signs your hair needs some Bond Building this winter

Just as freezing cold temperatures and excessive indoor heating can lead to dry, irritated, and sometimes even flakey skin, so too can they suck the moisture out of your hair, leading to a host of unwanted hair problems, including static frizz, split ends, and a tight, itchy scalp among other things. Below are the biggest hair signs that your strands are in desperate need of a Bond Building treatment - plus the Olaplex dupe that is £18 cheaper but will restore your hair health.


Beauty News: launch their plus size robe service launch their plus size robe service

The UK's leading spa booking agency launch their plus size robe service. The service comes following widespread demand to make robes available for men and women of all sizes during spa visits. A dedicated email address has been launched to offer consumers the opportunity to order their robes in time for their spa break. The embarrassment that comes with having to explain that the one-size-all robe doesn't fit shouldn't be something that customers have to experience during their spa visit. The results of which lead to people feeling anxious about booking a spa trip, the opposite feeling to how a spa break should make people feel.


Beauty News: Margaret Dabbs founder of the eponymous British beauty brand awarded OBE

Margaret Dabbs founder of the eponymous British beauty brand awarded OBE

This October, Margaret Dabbs, the founder, Managing Director and CEO of leading British beauty brand Margaret Dabbs London, will be appointed as an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE). We spoke with the woman herself in honour of her receiving the prestigious award. Born in Hertfordshire, Margaret Dabbs grew up in East London. One of four children, Margaret and her siblings were brought up by their father after her mother died whilst they were attending junior school. By her own account, she was a happy but mischievous child; she formed great friendships and excelled at sport, which their father encouraged. Yet, coming from a single-parent home, she always felt underestimated.


Beauty News: Keep Calm and Marry On

Keep Calm and Marry On

Feeling the pressure to get everything right and done on time is inevitable when it comes to wedding planning. With a seemingly endless to do list and preparing to expect the unexpected, the sense of overwhelm can quickly take over. This, in turn, results in its own issues such as impaired sleep, digestive issues, skin breakouts, low mood and anxiety. While it isn't helpful to tell someone planning their big day to simply not stress, thinking about ways to support a stressed body and maintain overall good health, can help prevent some of these unwanted symptoms and make the whole process more manageable. Read on to discover five ways to support yourself against stress in the run up to your wedding day, courtesy of Minal Sudra and Elizabeth Andrews at Wedding Wellness...


Beauty News: Ban the bloat for your big day

Ban the bloat for your big day

One of the most common digestive complaints is bloating, an uncomfortable, sometimes heavy sensation that can follow after eating a meal that for some, also results in feeling tired, unable to concentrate and having a physically noticeable bloated tummy. Not symptoms you want to endure on any day, let alone on one as special as your wedding. There are many possible causes of bloating, some of which come with additional digestive complaints such as pain, constipation and flatulence – usually an indication of poor gut health. These symptoms are usually referred to as IBS by doctors, but may also be the result of intolerances, allergies or other gut disease. There are however some simple, everyday things you can consider to help reduce that after-meal bloat. County Wedding Magazines' beauty and wellness editor, Kelly Andrews, chatted to Minal Sudra and Elizabeth Andrews from Wedding Wellness to find out more.



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