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Your florist will do an amazing job of making your flowers look perfect for your big day, but what happens to them when the lights go down? All of the thought, decision making and care (not to mention money!) makes it a great shame for them to be so temporary.
At Daisy’s Flower Preservation we can preserve your bouquet, buttonhole, or a variety of other flowers and frame them, so that you can enjoy them for years to come, rather than just hours on the day. So instead of tossing that carefully designed bouquet, contact us for the most beautiful wedding keepsake.

Categories: Flower Preservation

Bouquet preservation

Full bridal bouquet preservation which can also include a buttonhole/lapel flowers

Categories: Gifts

Bouquet preservation vouchers

Vouchers for the perfect gift of having the wedding flowers preserved, from the whole bouquet to a gorgeous small frame of a select few token flowers from the wedding. Or perhaps buy as a gift for your bridesmaid! With frames as small as 6”x6”, it’s the perfect ‘thank you’.

Categories: Personalised Memorabilia

Preserved flowers with memorabilia

Wedding flowers or bouquet preserved and framed alongside a photo, charm, invite or other memorabilia from your special day. Gift vouchers also available

Categories: Wedding Keepsakes

Framed wedding flowers

Preserve and frame a selection of flowers or your whole bouquet as a keepsake for you, family, friends, or special guests.

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