One small step for couples, one giant leap for weddings!

couple happy Prime Minister Boris Johnson's recent announcement only had one element that an estimated 50,000 couples - who have weddings within four weeks of June 21st – wanted to hear: can their wedding day go ahead?

The great news is yes, weddings can happen from June 21st which was music to the ears of many – whoops and cheers! However, with every Government announcement there's some fine print too; so here's the lowdown of what you need to know....

From 21 June the maximum number of attendees at a wedding, civil partnership ceremony, reception or celebration held in a COVID-secure venue or other outdoor venue will be determined by how many people (including children) a venue can safely accommodate with social distancing measures in place.


As part of the duty on venue managers and organisers to limit health and safety risks, a safe capacity for the venue should be established.

This number should enable members of staff, anyone conducting or supporting the event, and customers or guests (including children) to be socially distanced within the venue. Space in communal areas like waiting areas and corridors should be considered when setting the safe maximum number of attendees.

Guidance on meeting family and friends has been updated, with a greater emphasis on personal responsibility. Friends and family therefore may choose not to socially distance based on their understanding of the risks this involves. However, venue managers and organisers should consider how to enable social distancing between attendees, so that those who wish to maintain social distancing are able to.


Social distancing measures

The guidance on meeting friends and family changed, with a greater emphasis on personal responsibility. Instead of instructing people to stay 2 metres away from anyone they do not live with, people are encouraged to exercise caution and consider the guidance on risks associated with COVID-19 and actions to take to help keep friends and family safe.

You should always make space for other people to keep their distance if they want to. Close contact, including hugging, increases the risk of spreading COVID-19.

If it’s not possible to keep 2 metres distance, reduce the risk to yourself and others at 1 metre by taking suitable precautions:

  • limit the number of people or households that you come into contact with
  • sit or stand side by side or behind other people, rather than facing them
  • meet people outdoors, rather than indoors
  • keep interactions brief
  • increase ventilation
  • avoid loud talking or singing with others
Face masks

Face coverings are required by law to be worn in many indoor settings, including places of worship. Attendees and staff at a wedding ceremony or reception must wear a face covering (except when eating or drinking), unless exempt: ie those who are leading services or officiating at the wedding. This exemption does not apply to those observing the wedding, who should wear face coverings consistent with the requirements for any other public space.

There is no legal requirement to wear a face covering when outdoors at a ceremony or reception. This includes when taking place in a marquee, provided at least 50% of the walled area is open for it to be classed as ‘outdoors’.

Read more about all of the above and further measures here on

couple dancing outside P-a-r-t-y
The deal-breaker in the new restrictions is possibly the 'ban' on the dancing between guests! Here, at County Wedding Magazines HQ we're sad we can't get out our dancing shoes just yet - who doesn't love a boogie on the dancefloor at a wedding right?
But for many weddings taking place in the next month, especially if your wedding is already set to take place outside, it will definitely feel like your wedding day has well and truly arrived. And, the happy couple can still embrace and have a little dance and call it their 'first dance' as newlyweds.
Perhaps this also gives you a reason to have another party for your one year anniversary filled with alcohol, mocktails, djs, dancing and singing at the top of your voice!

After the no-dancing clause, what does this also meant for entertainment? Well as like with Step 3, musicians are still allowed to entertain guests, indoors your chosen professionals will be limited to 6 while outside, the numbers can increase like with everything else.

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Carry on planning....
With all eyes now on the 19th of July, and autumn 2021 and on to 2022 looking bigger and better than ever for weddings; continue your wedding planning journey at one of our must-attend County Wedding Events wedding shows.

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