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Ten Tips for Glowing Honeymoon Makeup with Kent make-up artist Kelli Waldock

Ten Tips for Glowing Honeymoon Makeup with Kent make-up artist Kelli Waldock: Image 1 Being a bridal make-up artist, one of the questions I get all of the time is about make-up for the honeymoon – so here are my ten tops tips for getting that glowing honeymoon look

Staying hydrated before flights is really important to keep your skin looking stunning. Hydration is key for a glowing complexion, especially during a time of celebration when there is lots of champagne on tap and cake to eat. Drink a glass of water in-between each alcoholic beverage, this way you will dilute the effects of the booze – but can still enjoy the party and holiday.

Drink lemon and warm water each morning leading up to your wedding and on your honeymoon if you can, this will cleanse your system and reduce the build-up of toxins. Also, opt for fresh leaf peppermint tea after meals.

Remember to pack the right products. Take your favourite hydrating moisturiser, foundation, waterproof mascara and nourishing lip gloss. Make sure they are all in secured bottles or packets and that if you are taking any liquids on the flights that they are in 100ml containers.

Do not apply any foundation or concealer over sweating skin, as it will just slide off, and clog your pores. You may be better to skip foundation completely during the day if you are visiting a hot climate, and opt for a SPF tinted moisturiser or bronzer instead. Bobbi Brown Glow Stick comes in different shades and is easy to use and to carry on holiday. If you can’t live without foundation, use a primer to improve the staying power. Try Airbase Primer.

Always go glossy for a glowing honeymoon look, but choose nude or soft pink colour tones, and avoid bright colours to achieve this look. This glossy look is best for evenings and a SPF mix or matt lippy is better for daytime sun protection. You can even apply Vaseline rather than a gloss if you just want the shine, as this will nourish as well.

Wear lashes to open up your eyes, even if you are squinting in the early-evening sunshine. Remember some lashes can’t get wet, so you may want to take packs just for the evening. Waterproof mascara is important and so is eye primer for any shadows, so the make-up stays put. Try Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Get them shaped before your wedding day and they should last over the honeymoon too. Keep defining to evenings or day trips that don’t include the water, and use gels or waxes and an angled brush as these products have good staying power. Try Ka-Brow by Benefit, which comes with a brush. If you are opting for something more permanent such as eyebrow tattoos – do this well in advance of your wedding day.

Keep the contouring to a minimum, a glowing look is all about a subtle touch, as if you have been kissed by the sun. In the evenings, you may wish to apply a medium coverage of foundation to reduce any redness from cold or hot climate effects... but then add a bronzer to the places on the face the sun would naturally hit – such as the bridge of the nose and across the cheeks and forehead and chin... but all very subtle and lightly blended.

A touch of shimmer is perfect for a glowing look, on the highest part of the cheek bone, on the cupid’s bow of the lip and along the collar bone too. High Beam from Benefit is easy to use and blend with fingers.

Ensure you wash your make-up off every evening, and apply a light moisturiser. Your skin will need its breathing time

Hair and Make-up Artist: www.kelliwaldock.co.uk
Photographer: www.dreamphotography2012.co.uk
Model: Meg Lodge

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