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Look what catches the eye of the editor with a special emphasis on local Kent wedding businesses, shops and suppliers.

When Gaynor Lawson at Bailey & Blossom set out to collaborate with other Kentish wedding suppliers on a styled shoot, her vision was of all shades of red, with white, green and black, combining sleek lines with a countryside vibe. When photographer Emily Brown, celebrant Kate Mitchell and stationer Maddy Bishop from Green Planet Living joined the project it started to evolve as they brought with them their passion for eco-conscious weddings.

Emily is a proud member of the Sustainable Wedding Alliance and offers a range of eco-conscious prints and products. Meanwhile, Kate uses recycled ribbons, paper and natural elements in her ceremonies, and a tree is planted in the name of each of her couples via The Woodland Trust. It'd be a shame not to showcase this important aspect of the suppliers' work, so things gathered momentum from there.

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Loved by the editor at Your Kent Wedding magazine
Venue stylists Sam and and Katie at A Touch of Kent, new to the wedding industry, loved the concept of depicting a fresh, new beginning to married life. What better way to do so than by using 2023's trending wedding colour palette of sage green in contrast with the luxury and elegance of gold accents? With the help of C and C Imagery, the duo and their team portrayed their idea through an ethereal shoot perfectly timed for the spring, when we think most of fresh beginnings. It's just dreamy!

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Rachel used to work in the spa at the Hythe Imperial Hotel, so understood well what a lovely venue it is. In fact, partner Ryan's dad got married there, so it held a special place in his heart too and always said he wanted to get married there. So, they wasted no time and set the date for 31st July, 2022.

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Abi and Jonathan met online, and after five years together, while celebrating their anniversary, Jonathan popped the question. Abi remembers, “He'd booked a window table with a view at Sushi Samba. Starter and mains had been served and enjoyed, then just before the dessert menu was presented, Jonathan knelt down on one knee while no one was looking and asked me to marry him.”

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Frank proposed to Georgina in the kitchen of their first home. He'd made her believe they were going to the pub for lunch, and when she came into the kitchen before they were due to set off, she found a projector displaying photographs of them on the wall and big floral letters that spelled, “Marry me.” Georgina says, “We'd been together around five years and it was special to have the proposal in the first home we'd built together.”

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Formerly Amanda Jane Events, Styled to Remember is a fresh new look, feel and lease on life for owner Amanda White. We got the lowdown on the rebrand, and heard of the business' exciting plans for the future.

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Loved by the editor at Your Kent Wedding magazine
This issue we asked our experts to tell us how to plan a wedding sustainably...

Samantha Richards from A Touch of Kent says, "With the UK holding close to 280,000 weddings per year the average celebration produces more than 20kg of plastic waste. That's a lot! In 2023, as a society we're becoming a lot more conscious of our carbon footprint and how we can reduce it. So, how can you plan your wedding while maintaining sustainability?

"Find a supplier who can create personalised acrylic signage for hire. That way, you can have exactly what you want for your big day and they'll clean it and reuse it for the next couple."

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Loved by the editor at Your Kent Wedding magazine
The perfect item of jewellery or accessory piece can elevate a bridal look into the stratosphere, so don't let budget hold you back, we have some ideas for every purse in our May/Jun23 issue.

I'm in love with these bridal earrings from Dress Dreams, Maria, £90.

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When we asked her about 2023 wedding cake trends Claudia from Purple Flour told us that she's is receiving a lot of requests for floral designs: “I'm seeing a lot of sugar flowers and edible pressed, organic flowers in gorgeous, vibrant colours on my sketch pad, more so than in previous seasons.”

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Georgina and Sam were childhood sweethearts having met at school. “We both took business class together and everything just fell into place,” Georgina says. When the time what right, Sam proposed while the two were on holiday in Mexico. It was a total surprise for Georgina, and they spent a wonderful evening together, just the two of them, celebrating.

The pair fell in love with The Old Kent Barn and its rustic yet modern feel. Georgina explains, “We knew it would be perfect for our winter wedding with a Disney twist, with the white, snowy trees and high ceilings there. We also loved the fact that everything was in one location and it even had benches rather than chairs.”

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