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Becca and Pete met at school, aged 15, when they were sat next to each other in geography. They connected straight away and the rest is history. Well, not quite! Becca tells us, “We officially became a couple on the school field in March 2012 and have stuck by each other's sides ever since. We're truly the best of friends. We have the same sense of humour and have always mirrored each other's hopes and dreams.” The pair have been through a lot together in their decade-long relationship, including living an hour away from each other when Becca went to university and Pete began his career at home. But despite living busy lives they always prioritised their relationship and supported one another.

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Credit: Rosa Clará
Kent-based bridal make-up artist Ruth Ashcroft tells us her 2023 trend predictions: "I'm expecting 2023 brides to be asking for a flawless, fresh complexion with a minimal make-up look. The eyeshadow will be a less complicated combination of colours, leaning more towards a natural palette, which complements the individual's own colouring. There could also be a hint of colour to slightly enhance the bride's eye shade if needed, with everything working together in harmony.

"Then, there's the ultra-natural look, which has been stripped back to the bare minimum or so it looks, but there will be products used. This all comes down to application and preparation of the skin. The no make-up make-up look is back!"

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Sarah and Lee met on a night out and after becoming fast friends, it didn't take them long to realise they were meant to be together. “We both love a fun day out, a lovely holiday, a quiet night in and just laughing all day long,” Sarah tells us.

Lee proposed while the pair were on a family break in Devon. He selected a picture- perfect spot to get down on one knee, beneath a beautiful willow tree alongside a babbling brook. “It was a beautiful surprise,” Sarah remembers. Lee had been carrying the ring with him and was waiting for the right moment.

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New to Kent is Beautiful in Curves, the county's dedicated boutique for curvy brides. Owner Zoe Dowle tells us, “With many years of experience in the bridal industry, you can be assured that we've done our homework in order to offer you the greatest choice of fashionable and affordable gowns in sizes 16 to 34, all available to try on in the boutique.” From the ever-popular A-line or princess silhouettes and on-trend boho styles, to super-elegant Bardot necklines, lace, satin or sleeves – you name it Beautiful in Curves has it!

The new boutique stocks gowns by a wide variety of incredible bridal designers including White Rose, Millie May, Victoria Kay, Lou Lou and British Bridal. These exciting collections have all been selected by Zoe specifically for the care and attention they put into their dresses, particularly in terms of internal support, which means you have all the comfort you could wish for without the need to worry about a bra. Beautiful in Curves offers a full alteration service too, ensuring you get the perfect fit.

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What a wedding-packed year it's been – 2022: our first full year of restriction-free celebrations since the start of the pandemic. Surely it's one for this history books. Our local wedding suppliers have never been so busy turning their couples' wedding dreams into a long-awaited reality. “Finally” is certainly a word we've heard a lot this year! Before we bid farewell to 2022 we asked the region's wedding photographers to guide us on a look back at their year's highlights. They've been rushed off their feet and are no doubt ready to put them up in front of the fire and enjoy some Christmas telly, but we reckon they wouldn't have it any other way!

“This shot was taken just before the winter sunset, creating a truly romantic, yet relaxed, vibe during golden hour.” – Freya, Noteworthy Photography & Film.

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With the opening of Bridal Prep Studios in Ashford, owner Samantha Beeny decided to organise a styled shoot complete with girl-gang vibe. “After all, the morning of your wedding is the time to gather the tribe and get ready together. It's the perfect start to the day,” she explains.

I'm in love with this beautifully delicate bridal necklace worn by the model bride in this shoot. It's by Navette Jewellery in Ashford.

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Chloe and Jamie were 16 and 17 respectively when they met, having been introduced by a mutual friend. Chloe found Jamie funny despite his shyness and the fact he only managed to give her one-word answers during the entirety of their first conversation. However, by their second meeting he'd come out of his shell and that's when they really hit it off. “Even to this day, almost nine years later, no one makes me laugh like he does,” Chloe shares.

Jamie booked a holiday to Iceland as part of his Christmas present to Chloe. It was going to be their last for a while as they were saving up for their first home. Whilst there they went on a tour of the Gold Circle including the Pingvellir National Park, the Geysers and Gullfoss Waterfall. Admiring the waterfall, Chloe was so engrossed in telling Jamie everything she'd learnt about its history on the journey, that it took her a few moments to notice that he'd been calling her name repeatedly. As she turned around there he was, down on one knee surrounded by American tourists encouraging her to say, “Yes.” With that she pulled her glove off so enthusiastically that it nearly went over the edge, but an onlooker rescued it and she held out her hand for Jamie to put the ring on.

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We've put together a feature to help you find the perfect bridal make-up and hair look to suit your style.

"Contouring gives shape to the face where you want it. Without it features can look flat,” MUA Ruth Ashcroft explains. “Use either a contour stick or cream in a greyish brown shade as you're trying to mimic shadow on the face. I use Face Trace Contour Stick in Biscuit by Westerman Atelier. Ensure you can't see any harsh lines, you want a seamless transition.”

“If your complexion is in tiptop condition use a tinted moisturiser to give a light coverage to the skin and rock the ‘no make-up’ make-up look,” Ruth Ashcroft says. “Lips should be well hydrated and if you’re using a lipstick choose one nearest to your natural lip colour. If you’re not a fan of lippy though, use a small amount of tinted balm instead, to keep lips hydrated.”

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Victoria Walton from Victoria Elaine Bridal tells us how you can stay warm on your big day in a strapless dress.

"I'm so pleased a December bride has opted for a strapless dress as the majority of your day will be spent inside and the venue will be nice and warm! But when you do want to head outside, there are so many options to cover your shoulders without hiding your dress.

"The obvious choice would be a bolero and these can be fur, feathered, satin or lace. You could ask your seamstress to custom make a bolero with lace or beading that matches your dress if budget allows, but bridal shops have lots of choices too.

"For something more fashion forward, we're loving capes! Whether long, short tulle or velvet, they'll add some warmth and plenty of drama to your bridal style."

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Chloe and Charlie met while working for a pharmaceutical company, manufacturing medication. Rather fetchingly dressed in white boiler suits, safety shoes and hair nets, each caught the other's eye. The pair worked in different production rooms and would play charades through the big window that separated them. Eventually, after many games of charades, Charlie plucked up the courage to give Chloe his phone number and she didn't hesitate in texting him as soon as she got home. However, she was confused when she received no reply, he'd seemed so keen. The next day everything continued as normal with games through the window and little looks. “In the end, I asked him why he hadn't replied, and he too had been wondering why I didn't message him. Turns out, he'd given me the wrong phone number,” Chloe laughs. All's well that ends well.

Charlie proposed in Disneyland Paris. “We were watching the firework display in the snow outside the pink Disney castle and as the last one exploded in the sky, Charlie got down on one knee in front of thousands of people and asked me to marry him with a beautiful blingy engagement ring,” Chloe tells us.

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