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Cozette and Alex became childhood sweethearts at the age of 15, and following 12 years of debate it was confirmed on their wedding day that it was Alex who added Cozette on Facebook first! Although, the pair didn't attend the same school, they managed to cross paths and still share the same group of friends all these years later.

Despite being together for a decade, Cozette had no inkling that Alex intended to propose while they were on holiday in one of their favourite places. To be fair, Alex only had slightly more of an idea himself, as he'd carried the ring around all day on the beach before deciding the right time had finally arrived! After dinner, during a post-meal walk, he popped the question just before midnight with no-one else around – exactly how Cozette wanted it to be. “I was so shocked, I forgot to say 'yes' for what must have seemed like an eternity to Alex,” she says.

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Kent-based celebrants Alex Hilder and Kate Mitchell together with photographer Emily Brown set out to create a seasonal styled shoot to showcase different ceremony setups. After all, your celebrant-led ceremony can be whatever and wherever you want it to be! As well as a super-fun pumpkin theme, the central idea was to reflect the team's love of nature and desire to be as sustainable as possible in their businesses, so they gathered together a group of local suppliers who share the same ethos to help them. The dresses were preloved, the flowers were grown locally and the hair and make-up artists use cruelty-free brands.

The models are real couples and, Alex says, “We absolutely love the authenticity they brought to the images. We feel strongly that it's important for the industry to support diversity in all its forms and using couples who aren't professional models goes some way to helping with this.” Both pairs are already married, so as a thank you for their help, Kate and Alex gifted them genuine vow renewals. So, the photos you see here depict the most precious of moments between these couples recommitting themselves to one another.

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Where can more variety of colour be found than in nature? Whatever your delicious wedding palette there'll be a beautiful bloom to match, complement and bring it to life. We asked Eliza Rose Artisan Floral Design to show us an example of their pastel flowers.

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Surviving one of the hottest British summers on record has made us wonder: is it still possible for couples to have their dream cake in the blistering conditions that are set to become a regularity over the years to come? We've heard one or two disaster stories about melting, collapsing bakes! However, having chatted to Claudia Newberry at Purple Flour we're delighted to report that the answer, without compromise is, “Yes!”

Purple Flour has just delivered beautiful buttercream cakes, ganache masterpieces, and traditional iced classics, as well as naked and semi-naked creations all in the beautiful sunshine. We asked Claudia what her secret is! “The key is simple: planning,” she says. “You need to work with the whole wedding team, from the caterers, florists, venue and of course the couples to agree on three things. Firstly, how you're going to store the cake before it goes on display. Secondly, where are you going to display your creation? And lastly, when are you going to cut it?

“We spent many an afternoon adding the finishing touches to our cakes while sitting on champagne crates in the back of a chiller van! You just need to plan. Cake in the sun? Heck yeah!”

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Leah immediately knew that Lee was someone she wanted to be friends with when she met him while working in the restaurant at Brandshatch Place Hotel & Spa. The friendship grew through mutual support and in time blossomed into a relationship.

The couple went to Nerja in Spain on holiday with best friends Riley and Ilona in September 2019 and while visiting The Balcon De Europa, which looks out onto the Med, Lee popped the question. “I had an inkling it might happen, but I was still overwhelmed when it did and I didn't answer him for a really long time!” Leah remembers.

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Credit: D3529+ Essence of Australia, available at Victoria Grace Bridal
Looking for your dream dress? We spoke to local suppliers and asked for their top tops. Hayley Freeman-Revell from Victoria Grace Bridal says, “We're lucky to stock two dedicated curvy collections including the stunning EveryBody EveryBride from Essense of Australia. The truth is that no matter what shape or size you are you should be able to look and feel amazing in a bridal gown.”

Vicky Lamb from Victoria's Bridal Boutique advises: “Speak to your boutique before your appointment and we can have a selection of dresses ready for you, taking away the overwhelming experience from looking through hundreds of gowns. Try on all different styles, you'll be surprised by what you feel fabulous in. ”

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Ruth Ashcroft MUA tells us how to find the perfect make-up artist for your big day.

"Check out Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration on looks that you may like and are realistic.

"Think about having your bridesmaids' and mother-of-the-bride's make-up done. It's an additional expense and you may think they can do their own, but are they going to be consistent? Why leave it to chance?

"Recommendations are always a good starting point, but check out the MUA's style via their website or social media, as what your friends like may not suit you or the look you want to achieve.

"Look for a professional make-up artist who specialises in bridal. They'll have had experience of any situations that may arise in the morning and weddings can be stressful, so someone who has a calming influence might be a wise choice."

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