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Here is a selection of Q&As from Your Kent Wedding magazine whether it be about flowers, hair and makeup, fashion, wedding themes, health & beauty, cakes, stationery, legal advice. If you would like your question answered by our experts, please email it to


Sentimental journey

Sentimental journey

Q. We'd like our wedding bands to be particularly meaningful and personal. What can you suggest? 

A. Liam Wilde says: Firstly, if you opt for ready-made wedding bands, why not add some engraving to the inside – possibly your wedding date, or perhaps some words that hold particular meaning to you both? Alternatively, you have the option to design your own wedding rings together. This makes them unique and you can create matching his and hers designs, or have them different yet complementary. What's more, if you have an unusually shaped engagement ring, or one where a straight band won't fit snuggly against it, you could have a bespoke wedding band shaped to fit like a glove.

As a bespoke jeweller, we often melt down sentimental gold pieces and hand make one-off wedding rings for our couples. You can also choose for your gold to be melted and added to the inside of your bands, so that only you know it's there. Equally, if you have existing precious stones, you can also have them incorporated into the design. Options such as these breathe new life into sentimental jewellery and make your new items even more meaningful.

Liam Wilde,Martin Wilde Jewellery


The ring's the thing

The ring's the thing

Q. I'm looking for a wedding ring to complement my emerald cut solitaire engagement ring. What can you suggest?

A. Ben Wells says: - Shape - This really depends on how the diamond is mounted onto the band. If it's on top, there should be space for a wedding band to fit perfectly. However, if the mount doesn't allow for a ring to sit in line with the band, we'd recommend one that's shaped to fit. We offer a made-to-fit service, where we take a mould to ensure one sits perfectly against the other.

- Width - Whether the band is shaped or standard, the general rule of thumb is that both should have the same width to create balance.

- Precious metal - I recommend selecting the same metal for both rings. Not only will this achieve a well-coordinated aesthetic, but both will also have the same durability as different metals wear at different rates.

- Diamond or plain - This really comes down to preference. Some choose plain so as not to detract attention from the engagement ring, and to complement their husband's wedding band. Sometimes though a diamond band can enhance the engagement ring making a real statement.

Ben Wells

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