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The ring's the thing

The ring's the thing

Q. I'm looking for a wedding ring to complement my emerald cut solitaire engagement ring. What can you suggest?

A. Ben Wells says: - Shape - This really depends on how the diamond is mounted onto the band. If it's on top, there should be space for a wedding band to fit perfectly. However, if the mount doesn't allow for a ring to sit in line with the band, we'd recommend one that's shaped to fit. We offer a made-to-fit service, where we take a mould to ensure one sits perfectly against the other.

- Width - Whether the band is shaped or standard, the general rule of thumb is that both should have the same width to create balance.

- Precious metal - I recommend selecting the same metal for both rings. Not only will this achieve a well-coordinated aesthetic, but both will also have the same durability as different metals wear at different rates.

- Diamond or plain - This really comes down to preference. Some choose plain so as not to detract attention from the engagement ring, and to complement their husband's wedding band. Sometimes though a diamond band can enhance the engagement ring making a real statement.

Ben Wells

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