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The most wonderful time of the year

The most wonderful time of the year

Q. We're both obsessed with Christmas! How can we incorporate it into our ceremony, without being tacky?

A. Karina O'Donnell says: A great way to incorporate Christmas into your ceremony is to consider a mini unity candle ceremony. This involves three candles, one held by each partner (representing the two families) and then one, which will stand alone to symbolise the union between them. Often, the mothers will light the couple's taper candles before the couple light the larger unity candle together. The choice is yours, and if your wedding is joining families including children, additional candles can be used to include them too.

Flames are said to symbolise love and passion, so in the context of a wedding they show the love a couple have for each other. If your venue permits, you could give each guest a candle with the first being lit by the celebrant. They then pass the flame to the person sat next to them along the front row until everyone has a lit candle. It is then the job of the last person to light the couple's. This would look quite magical at Christmastime.

Karina O'Donnell, Sinply Ceremonies UK


Your day, your way

Your day, your way

Q. Can you tell me about the types of wedding ceremony available from a celebrant please?

A. Geraldine Webb says: There are several types of wedding ceremonies, here are just a few to consider:

- Celebrant-led ceremony This is all about you as a couple, encompassing your dreams and wishes into the ceremony. You'll receive a bespoke script, tailored to your personalities and ideas. Elements, such as the unity candle ceremony or handfasting give proceedings a more personal touch. Family and friends can also get involved.

- Elopement ceremony This is conducted with few or no guests in attendance. Go for this option if you wish to enjoy a stress-free, romantic and private ceremony just the two of you.

- Green weddings These have a focus on the environment incorporating such elements as zero waste, low carbon footprint, sustainability and organically-farmed food and flowers.

- Themed weddings These can be fun and memorable. They can be derived from almost anything from history and movies, to hobbies and music… the list is endless!

- Renewal of vows In the future you may wish to reaffirm your love and commitment to one another. Here you can incorporate the vows you said to each other on your wedding day.

Geraldine Webb, Making memories

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