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Come rain or shine

Come rain or shine

Q. We're getting married in the autumn and our only concern is the unpredictability of the weather. How can we prepare for the worst, while hoping for the best, when it comes to our photographs?

A. Pete Lerpiniere says: You can prepare and plan your wedding down to the last detail, but you can never count on the good old British weather and no time is more unpredictable than the autumn. As professional photographers though, we'll always prepare for the worst so you don't have to and look at the venues with inclement conditions in mind.

If you're worried look for a photographer with studio experience and equipment. For example, we have an extensive range of professional studio lighting, soft boxes and backdrops to cover every situation. So, less favourable conditions don't scare us!

When booking your wedding venue have a look at the size of the space and ask if there are any spare rooms where your photographer can set up a bespoke studio to capture those magic moments if you can't be outside.

Pete Lerpiniere, JP Photographic


Read, set, wed!

Read, set, wed!

Q. I'm not sure whether I want photos captured in the morning while we're getting ready. What would you recommend, is it a good idea?

A. Lee Gordon says: I think bridal preparation is a huge part of the day and definitely a must when it comes to documenting your wedding. I usually start the morning by capturing all of the lovely details such as the dresses, shoes, flowers and jewellery – all the bits and pieces my brides might have lost sleep over! But more importantly, these images showcase a love shared. Whether its a mum, sister or bestie, those present for this inner circle are the people the bride loves most in the world... barring the one she's about to marry of course!

As well as the bride tribe we usually have the hair and make-up specialists in the room too. All the bride needs to do is relax and enjoy the pampering, so champagne corks are often flying, while love and laughter is on tap. It really is the best girly sleepover, without the sleep. Add to that the emotional scene of revealing the wedding dress to dad and it's the stuff movies are made of. For when the doors finally open, that means the bride and her party are ready, and the day can begin. It's so very exciting.

Lee Gordon, Blushing Bride Photography


Style and personality

Style and personality

Q. How do we go about finding a photographer that's the right fit for our style and personalities?

A. David King says: I've always thought it must be such a difficult decision for couples to choose their photographer for one of the most important days of their lives. But, in a nutshell what you need to concentrate on is style and personality when selecting the right person for the job. Simply ask yourselves the following questions:

- What style do I really like? Candid, natural, fine art…

- Do I want my day to be organised photographically so I get the shots I really want?

- Do I want a fun, sociable photographer or someone who will just blend into the background

- Will they fit in with my friends and family?

- What kind of photography package do I want?

There should be a pre-wedding meeting with your photographer as they'll need to know the finer details of the day and listen to your ideas and direction so that you can enjoy the perfect day you've planned. You'll want to make sure your photographer is organised and, above all, experienced so that you get the group shots you're looking for along with lovely posed couple imagery – stunning photographs that capture the real emotion of the day.

So, I can't deny that there are lots of things to think about before you make your final decision, but it really will be worth the time and effort when you're presented with the most beautiful images of your wedding day.

David King, David King Photographer


A room with a view

A room with a view

Q. Our venue is gorgeous inside and out. How can we make the most of it with our wedding photos?

A. Penny Young says: The first step is to make sure you tell your photographer why you chose your venue and what you love about it. Tell them about the specific area you like and then let them use their creativity to capture you in these locations on the day.

Make sure you've allowed enough time for your photos, in particular your couple photo shoot, as feeling rushed is the worst and you'll want to make sure that you've had enough photos in your favourite spots.

I'd recommend breaking your couple photos into two sessions, the first before your reception and the second later in the day. Your venue will look very different in the early evening light and then again when it's completely dark.

Finally, be sure to choose a photographer who can capture the style of images you really love.

Penny Young , Penny Young Photography


A confidence boost

A confidence boost

Q. We're both a bit camera shy and are feeling anxious about a lot of photos on our wedding day. Can you offer us some advice?

A. Albane McGuinness says: On your wedding day you'll want to be surrounded by people you love and trust. So, when choosing your photographer your priority is, of course, to find one whose style you like, but it's also important that your personalities gel. You need to make sure you feel comfortable with them. They should understand you, as well as your likes and dislikes, so that on the day they can blend in with your guests, allowing you to forget they're even there.

If you're anxious, very often your photographer will suggest a rehearsal photoshoot around a month before your big day. This will usually take place at your venue, enabling you to chat about where you want to have shots captured on the day. Couples usually find this shoot reassures them and it builds their confidence in front of the camera.

Albane McGuinness, Albane Photography


When the stars come out

When the stars come out

Q. What are your suggestions for creative night-time shots?

A. David King says: When planning to capture a creative night-time image, I first look at the venue's surroundings. Look at the ambient light and see whether you need to enhance it with additional lighting and especially look at the sky to see if there are any interesting cloud formations.

Try to add a few elements of interest, I love to use sparklers in my evening images. For this shot, I needed the couple to stand still, as the exposure would take a little time to hold the sky. I also used a backlight to surround them with a glowing aura, before running around them for 10 seconds to create the spiral of sparklers. It takes time to organise, but the finished photograph is always worth the effort.

David King, David King Photographer

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