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Keep calm and marry on

Keep calm and marry on

Q. I'm feeling stressed and overwhlemed by the planning process. What are your top tips for planing a stress-free wedding?

A. Natasha Hildyard says: If you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the planning process then don't panic. The ideal thing to do would be to hire a wedding planner who can take away all the worry and make organising your big day an enjoyable experience. If a wedding planner is out of your budget though, look for a good app or journal with time sensitive checklists to help you prioritise.

Try not to involve the entire wedding party. While many hands make light work, too many opinions can overwhelm you and steer you off course. Instead, choose one or two members of your posse you can rely on who've been through the process before. Finally, remember it's all about the big picture. Your wedding day will be happiest day of your life and you're marrying the love of your life!

Natasha Hildyard, Natasha Spencer Weddings