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Keep calm and marry on

Keep calm and marry on

Q. I'm feeling stressed and overwhlemed by the planning process. What are your top tips for planing a stress-free wedding?

A. Natasha Hildyard says: If you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the planning process then don't panic. The ideal thing to do would be to hire a wedding planner who can take away all the worry and make organising your big day an enjoyable experience. If a wedding planner is out of your budget though, look for a good app or journal with time sensitive checklists to help you prioritise.

Try not to involve the entire wedding party. While many hands make light work, too many opinions can overwhelm you and steer you off course. Instead, choose one or two members of your posse you can rely on who've been through the process before. Finally, remember it's all about the big picture. Your wedding day will be happiest day of your life and you're marrying the love of your life!

Natasha Hildyard, Natasha Spencer Weddings


Easy as one, two, three

Easy as one, two, three

Q. Help! I'm newly engaged. Where on earth do I start with my planning?

A. Mel Revell-Leaman says: Firstly, congratulations! Here are my top tips for getting started on your planning – do take your time and enjoy it.

Step one – talk to your partner. Have an in-depth conversation about what you both would and wouldn't like from ceremony type and venue style to the time of year and a rough guest list.

Step two – research costs and put together an approximate budget. Speak to some venues you like and a couple of caterers and florists. There's no need for full quotes yet, just ask for a guide to costs to give you a rough idea. It's important that you bear these in mind so you don't overspend on a venue and have nothing left for the rest.

Step three – book your venue. See a few options or visit venue open days, so you can compare before committing to one. Be aware that many do get booked up well in advance. Once it's booked you can send save-the-dates.

Step four – book additional suppliers. Start with catering and beverages, as this is likely to represent a high proportion of your budget. Once the more costly items are booked, you can then look at confirming all other elements, such as the photographer, floristry and entertainment. This can all be a dauting process, so if you want help and advice why not enlist the services of a professional wedding planner?

Mel Revell-Leaman, Your Story Events


You do you

You do you

Q. What tips can you give on making an intimate wedding day super-special?

A. Shelley Holmes says: The best advice I can give is to have the wedding you want that reflects you as a couple. Focus on the things that are important to you: if you love food have the seven-course meal; if you're outdoorsy, utilise your venue's outdoor space with your photographer; if you love flowers have the archway and huge arrangements!

I find that smaller weddings really highlight the love between a couple as well as the sense of happiness and joy amongst the family and friends present. Most of all, enjoy every minute. It sounds like a cliché, but the day goes so fast, so don't get hung up on minor details.

Shelley Holmes, Solton Manor

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