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Fruit of the forest

Fruit of the forest

Q. We'd like a stationery suite to complement our autumn theme, but are keen to avoid the orange-led colour palette one might traditionally associate with the season. What would you suggest?

A. Michela Moriello says: Autumn is such a beautiful season, full of so many vibrant colours and tones. Typically, you'd think of fiery orange colours, but you're right, you certainly don't need to. There are so many other strong hues that can be used to make up your colour palette.

Earthy tones will play a key role, but don't stop there. Try utilising some bold, dark colours as a base with bright, shimmering details to make the most of the early-setting sun and the warm lighting at your venue.

For example, a dusky navy base complemented by rose gold accents can create a really classic look. Alternatively, a deep forest green accented with modern calligraphy in white ink is a beautifully elegant yet natural look.

Lastly, use your paper to contribute some soft, subtle tones to your palette. Handmade or off-white stock will complement any dark or earthy colours you use in the details.

Michela Moriello, The Dandelion Art


Rustic bliss

Rustic bliss

Q. We're tying the knot at a barn venue with a rustic springtime theme. How can we make sure our stationery ties in?

A. Jess Harrison says: The two best ways to tie your stationery to your theme are by carefully selecting the card used and the details of the design.

- Card. We recommend opting for a card with a natural, rustic feel such as a brown Kraft card, which is often 100 per cent recycled too.

- Colours. Those often found in nature during the spring are ideal here. Opting to include greens and blues, alongside warm hues such as orange and red, will add the feeling of the season to your stationery.

- Floral. Rustic wedding stationery is even better when combined with natural design elements. We always recommend opting for a floral design for this special season, and this works beautifully for barn weddings.

- Vintage or traditional. If floral design elements don't fit well with your theme, another popular vibe is vintage. Typewriter-style print or classical fonts are gorgeous choices.

Jess Harrison, Moments That Unite

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