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FAQs and expert advice about stationery

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Rustic bliss

Rustic bliss

Q. We're tying the knot at a barn venue with a rustic springtime theme. How can we make sure our stationery ties in?

A. Jess Harrison says: The two best ways to tie your stationery to your theme are by carefully selecting the card used and the details of the design.

- Card. We recommend opting for a card with a natural, rustic feel such as a brown Kraft card, which is often 100 per cent recycled too.

- Colours. Those often found in nature during the spring are ideal here. Opting to include greens and blues, alongside warm hues such as orange and red, will add the feeling of the season to your stationery.

- Floral. Rustic wedding stationery is even better when combined with natural design elements. We always recommend opting for a floral design for this special season, and this works beautifully for barn weddings.

- Vintage or traditional. If floral design elements don't fit well with your theme, another popular vibe is vintage. Typewriter-style print or classical fonts are gorgeous choices.

Jess Harrison,Moments That Unite


Achieve stationery suite success

Achieve stationery suite success

Q. How can we ensure our wedding stationery is perfect?

A. Jess Harrison says: Getting your wedding stationery right first time doesn't need to be a minefield. With a few simple considerations early on, you can make sure that you nail it first time.

- Tip one – always order a few extra invitations. This gives you a little leeway in case of spelling mistakes (especially if you're having names handwritten), spilled coffee, or even if you want to invite some extra guests if some of your original list can't make it.

- Tip two – read and re-read again. When you receive proofs of your wedding stationery, always read and re-read your invitations to make sure everything is correct and you're giving the impression you intend to. Where possible, we always recommend having a helpful friend or family member have a glance over too.

- Last, but not least – we always recommend sending your invitations out at least three months before your big day to give all your guests a chance to respond and make any necessary arrangements to save potential disappointment further down the line.

Jess Harrison,Moments That Unite


Christmas minimalism

Christmas minimalism

Q. How can I tie my stationery into my Christmas wedding theme without being tacky?

A. Heather McMillan says: Less is more! When it comes to wedding stationery think Christmas colours, imagery, sparkle and snow, then choose one or two, and let the main message be about your wedding day keeping the seasonality in the background.

Modern twists on traditional Christmas colours work really well – rich mulled wine hues, teal and gold. Pair with a small nod to the festive season in the form of an icon such as a cute little reindeer and this is all you need.

Alternatively, keep it classic with a white card, traditional typeface and winter flowers, not necessarily holly, but red berries, pinecones and foliage. Red foil also makes a lovely addition. For something simple, consider a winter wonderland theme with white, silver, and snowflakes.

The key is to keep the focus on you and your partner. Concentrate on what Christmas means to you and use that as inspiration to create the perfect tone for your wintry wedding.

Heather McMillan

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