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All taken care of

All taken care of

Q. What are the benefits of having a toastmaster at our wedding?

A. David Di Cara says: Your wedding day is going to be one of the most special days of your life, and whatever the style, vibe or location a professional toastmaster will bring great value regardless of guest numbers.

As a wedding professional, a toastmaster will be there as part of the team working together to make your day fantastic! What would it be like if your guests are greeted as they arrive by a smart, uniformed toastmaster who not only welcomes them but keeps them informed of what's happening and when?

What about you – the newlyweds? One of our key roles is to take away the stress and worry about your guests, the venue, the entertainment and the photographer, as well as the timing and the interaction between them. The toastmaster takes ownership of the running order of the day, ensures everyone has a smile on their face, and lets you focus on what matters most – each other!

David Di Cara, Toastmaster David DiCara


Right hand man

Right hand man

Q. What are the benefits of hiring a toastmaster versus using our venue's MC or a family member?

A. Will Buckley says: Toastmasters enhance the day, adding extra personal touches throughout that make it all the more special for you and your guests. For me, being a toastmaster is about making special memories for people. What's more, I can act as an extra pair of hands, not only helping to organise the day, but keeping guests entertained and helping the photographer by gathering guests for formal photos. A good toastmaster needs patience, a fun-loving, friendly personality and experience in hosting live events. They also need a good microphone technique, and ability to ad lib with confidence, and excel in stressful situations.

You'll always have a lot of input into what I do. We'll meet a few weeks before the big day and talk about how you'd like everything to run. I have a checklist I like to go through that helps us decide how to structure it all.

Do be wary of the drunk relative or DJ! A lot of couples tell me their uncle or another relative is taking charge of managing the speeches, but I've seen this get out of hand many times, particularly when drink is involved. They can get carried away, offending other guests and rather than enhancing a wedding, people end up remembering it for the wrong reasons. Remember too, a DJ is a DJ not a toastmaster, they don't add what we can, having another very different role to perform. Similarly, venue staff are great at coordinating the day, but they have no expertise in the talking and entertaining the guests. Hire a toastmaster – it takes away so many headaches!

Will Buckley, Elite Toastmaster