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The sky's the limit

The sky's the limit

Q. Balloons look like they're making a comeback in venue styling. How can we use them at our wedding to complement our chic theme?

A. Angie Cooper says: For a creative and stylish addition to a chic wedding theme balloons can be perfect. They're available in countless different shades, which means you can find the perfect ones to match virtually any component of your day. Just how many balloons are needed depends entirely on you.

From small displays dotted around your venue highlighting spaces such as a guestbook, gifts and cards table, room signage or centrepieces; to larger displays making a feature of a welcome sign, seating plan, or sweet cart. Arches or balloon walls make a huge statement and offer an affordable addition your venue styling. You could even opt to have flowers and foliage added to your balloon display, which lends it a softer and warmer appearance.

Bear in mind these all take time, effort and an artistic eye. There's a fine line between tacky and elegant, so you're best left in the hands of the experts who specialise in such displays.

Angie Cooper, Wedding Dreams and Party Themes