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FAQs and expert advice about crèche services & babysitting

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That's entertainment

That's entertainment

Q. How do we prevent our flowergirls becoming bored, while still having them be part of the action?

A. Samantha Adams says: Keep things fun for them! Practice posing and smiley faces with the flowergirls to keep them entertained and photo ready. Assign a dedicated person to look after them, and ensure that they're never bored by providing easy go-to activities, such as sticker books and wedding specific colouring packs for those times when there's likely to be some waiting around.

Samantha Adams,The Wedding Creche Company


Keeping the kid content

Keeping the kid content

Q. How to keep the kids entertained...

A. Carole Cassidy says: Make sure there's plenty for your mini guests to do. You could provide age appropriate bright, colourful and interesting toys, games, art and craft activities. Be sure to bring along more than you'll ever need, as this will help to avoid boredom.

For older children you could set up a themed activity following the photographs, such as a mini sports day, treasure hunt, I Spy or word search sheets. We can provide giant 4 In A Row, Jenga, Space Hoppers, and a few other outdoor games on a beautiful day. A themed activity could be related to the venue. For example, if you're getting married in a castle, you could make prince and princess crowns, and have a tipi set up as the castle. Supply the children with party bags, containing items such as bubbles and plenty to do.

Alternatively, for teenagers, DVDs and games consoles are a great idea. Or at the other end of the age spectrum, babies and toddlers enjoy a soft play or cosy area filled with age appropriate toys, where they can nap if they need to.

If you have a number of little ones on the guest list, why not hire a creche company to take the worry of keeping them occupied completely out of your hands. Meet with your chosen childcare provider prior to the big day to discuss your expectations, as well as what they can provide. This is also important as it means you'll get to know at least one member of staff attending ahead of time.

Carole Cassidy,Carousel Creche Company


Little angels

Little angels

Q. Help! Many of our friends have young children. We'd love them all to come and enjoy our wedding day without our reception descending into chaos. What can we do?

A. Carole Cassidy says: Weddings can be a long, tiring and overwhelming experience for everyone, especially young people. So, it's important to set up a safe space for guests under 10 years where they can let off steam. This also gives their parents or guardians time to enjoy the wonder of your special day with you.

Why not let a crèche company look after the childcare at your wedding? All that's needed is an adequate child-safe room or space – they'll carry out a risk assessment ahead of the day. You'll find your worries are lifted with the extra pair of hands provided to keep the little ones out of mischief, and let them burn off that energy right alongside your wedding's proceedings.

At Carousel Crèche Company, we can cater for children from 0-10 years old with age appropriate toys and activities, including arts and crafts, dolls house, baby area, trains and much more.

Carole Cassidy

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