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Hey baby!

Hey baby!

Q. We have a gorgeous young baby and are quite concerned about looking after her on the wedding morning and during the day. It's not a responsibility we want to put on our wedding party. What can we do?

A. Carole Cassidy says: Consider having your normal sitter to come and look after your baby or if that's not possible look for a childcare service that offers an all-day and evening nanny service. By employing a nanny for the day and evening, you can keep your gorgeous little one in their normal routine without relying on family and friends who would be missing out on your special day.

When you find a nanny, ask to meet with them to see how they engage with you and your child as you need to be comfortable leaving them with that person. Discuss their routine during that initial meeting and write everything down to give to the nanny to follow throughout the day.

Carole Cassidy, Carousel Creche Company


That's entertainment

That's entertainment

Q. How do we prevent our flowergirls becoming bored, while still having them be part of the action?

A. Samantha Adams says: Keep things fun for them! Practice posing and smiley faces with the flowergirls to keep them entertained and photo ready. Assign a dedicated person to look after them, and ensure that they're never bored by providing easy go-to activities, such as sticker books and wedding specific colouring packs for those times when there's likely to be some waiting around.

Samantha Adams, The Wedding Creche Company

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