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White as snow

White as snow

Q. What would be the perfect showstopping cake for a December wedding?

A. Heather Clack says: Every bride has their own vision of what their wedding cake should look like, so whoever makes your big-day bake should hold an initial meeting with you to understand what your winter wedding means to you. For example, the cake pictured here has ruffles on two of the layers to reflect the bride's gorgeous gown, as well as giving it a wonderful texture and the appearance of an expanse of driven snow. The other two layers of this cake were decorated with a simple yet elegant quilted diamante effect. The four tiers are made up of a traditional rich fruitcake soaked in brandy, a light crisp tangy lemon sponge, a traditional vanilla sponge, and a carrot cake with a good pinch of cinnamon for that Christmas feel. This style of cake complements any winter wedding with its timeless design.

Heather Clack


Bake meltdown

Bake meltdown

Q. I'm concerned that if this summer is as hot as last year's, my cake is going to melt in the heat of the marquee. What do you recommend?

A. Karen Ker says: A fondant-iced wedding cake should be fine in a marquee in all weathers. However, the following will help to ensure the cake looks as good at the end of the day as it did at the start.

- Don't position the cake in direct sunlight, too close to the marquee window or doors.

- If there is an air-conditioning unit, position the cake away from that too, as that will cause the cake to sweat, forming moisture on the surface making it sticky and damage any decoration.

- Avoid any hand-painted decorations involving cocoa butter, as this can melt if temperatures rise.

- Ask for the cake to be delivered as late as possible – either just before the ceremony or while it's taking place. If you do have your heart set on a buttercream cake, ask your caterer to keep an eye out in case it needs to be moved to the fridge temporarily. However, placing the cake in a shady area close to, but not directly in front of, an air-conditioning system will help.

Karen Ker

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