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Planned to perfection

Planned to perfection

Q. What will be the key wedding trends in 2022 and how are couples planning their big days differently?

A. Lisa Sansom says: The last 18 months have probably been the hardest the industry has ever seen. The restrictions we've had to face have not only meant that the way people are booking weddings have changed, but also what they're booking. Regardless of restrictions lifting, we've seen that many are still keeping their weddings relatively small and people are choosing to spend the budget that would otherwise have gone towards more guests, on added luxuries like entertainment. We've seen an increase in people booking immersive experiences and musicians that provide a more intimate experience allowing guests to feel involved.  We've seen a lot of bookings for free standing aerialists, meaning people can be in and amongst the action. Couples are also looking for versatile acts who can perform even with restrictions in place, since we've still felt a lot of uncertainty around big events. 

Needless to say, people have a lot of catching up to do and thankfully, we've seen bookings being made into the next couple of years, even into 2025! What most people need now is trust and flexibility. They need to be able to trust their suppliers and know that whatever the future may hold, Covid-19 restrictions or not, their suppliers and event organisers will stand by them and they'll do the same.

Lisa Sansom, Ruby Lemon Events