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Staying calm in the midst of chaos

Staying calm in the midst of chaos

Q. Wondering how to reduce stress?..

A. Charlotte Legge says: Especially in light of the current situation, it's good to put some mindfulness techniques into practice as you plan. This can help to reduce anxiety, stress levels and panic attacks as well as calming nerves on the day itself. Present-moment focus helps you avoid overthinking and worrying about what may happen in the future.

It's is absolutely normal to feel stressed and anxious at times during the planning process. Making difficult decisions about doing the right thing is part of the journey, but weighing up pros and cons on a list can really help when facing obstacles. Take a step back for a moment if it's all getting too much, or break tasks down into more manageable pieces. Show yourself some compassion, and remember that you don't have to be perfect. It's okay to have a wobble, reach out for support and to take a breather. There are some fantastic calming apps and YouTube mindfulness or yoga exercises, which can really help you focus.

Remember: you can't control everything. There are bound to be things that spin out of control, which you'll have to make peace with in order to enjoy the bigger picture. If you have a wedding planner, it's their job to deal with aspects of forward thinking to help with this, and are experts in dealing with unexpected problems calmly, so this may well be something you want to consider.

Charlotte Legge, Black Sheep Events

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